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7 Reasons Why the Legalization of Cannabis Will Make the Future Better 

7 Reasons Why the Legalization of Cannabis Will Make the Future Better

With the legalization of cannabis it will make the future better in so many ways.

Medical marijuana is legal in 33 states, and of those, recreational marijuana is legal in 10 states. The legalization of cannabis is a hot topic across the nation with new signs of slowing down. 

This is not just exciting for long-time recreational users. It’s also the dawn of a new age in many areas of medicine and a highly viable economic opportunity for the United States as a whole. The impact of legal cannabis can contribute to our nation’s public health, financial performance, and more. 

Not sure how one plant can do so much good?

Here are 7 of the top reasons why legalizing weed is good for the United States and its citizens. 

1. New Healthcare Opportunities  

One of the biggest drivers to legalize cannabis is the potential to use it in various medical treatments. Cannabis can soothe the symptoms of everything from back pain and muscle spasms to depression and chemotherapy. 

By making such symptoms more manageable, cannabis can give affected individuals peace of mind. Its soothing effects boost confidence, improve mobility, and increase energy – among other results. Additional health-related details include better sleep and stronger athletic performance.

This is only if cannabis is easily accessible, though. The legalization of cannabis can make it easier for those living with a qualifying health condition (and a medical marijuana card) to go about their daily lives when they purchase and consume cannabis in a responsible manner. 

2. A Shift in the War on Drugs 

Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana alike can do wonders to create a positive shift in the war on drugs. Whether an individual is using cannabis as prescribed or simply for their own enjoyment in a legalized state, they can do so without worrying about legal implications.

This will start to change the stigma that cannabis is just for “potheads.” With time, general social acceptance and understanding of cannabis will shift for the better, and the war on drugs will follow suit. There will be fewer people put into jails/prisons for minor drug charges. This allows law enforcement to focus their efforts on bigger, more dangerous crimes.

3. Economic Growth  

The legalization of cannabis has already made a significant financial impact in states like Colorado and California. These early adopters to recreational and medical marijuana are setting the stage for the kinds of financial success that nation-wide legalization could bring. 

“Financial success” includes more profitable taxes for each state and significant labor income. 

4. Job Development 

A rise in labor income benefits both the national government, local communities, and individual citizens. The legalization of cannabis can rapidly create all kinds of job opportunities for everyday individuals and specialized talent, too. 

Dispensaries need employees who can succeed in customer service, man a register, and take inventory. They also need marketing professionals, accountants, consultants, and HR personnel – to name a few of the more specialized talent that’s required to keep such a business running. 

Not to mention, the legalization of cannabis creates more jobs than in dispensaries alone. It opens the door for growers to go into business and for unique niche products – like ready-made edibles, oils, and skin care products – to reach cannabis consumers. 

5. Federal Budget Savings 

Between the shift in the war on drugs and a spike in the job market, it’s easy to see how the federal government can save and make more money with the legalization of cannabis. With fewer marijuana-related arrests comes much less spending on incarceration and trials. This occurs as taxes become more profitable. Communities at large then become empowered by new, thriving businesses.  

6. More Affordable Cannabis Costs 

After cannabis becomes as normal and easy to purchase as commodities like groceries or gas, its price will decrease. This is a market change business owners will have to prepare for in order to succeed after the industry boom. But, it’s one that medical and recreational consumers will appreciate. 

7. Investment Opportunities 

The final reason why the legalization of cannabis will make the future better is all the investment opportunities it can provide. In fact, there are a few cannabis-related public stocks on the market already, and most have done pretty well up to this point. 

While there are no guarantees in trading stocks – or investing in a new business directly – there are many signs that show cannabis returns are on the rise. Plus, there are many different investment options!

You may choose to offer a loan to someone opening a dispensary. You can purchase publically-traded marijuana stock. Or, invest the growing and distribution of marijuana. Either way, you have favorable chances of earning a good return. But, it’s smart to weigh all your options carefully and closely watch the market once you invest.

Discover How the Legalization of Cannabis Can Make Your Future Better

While it’s nice to know that the cannabis industry can create millions of jobs or that it’s able to soothe serious health conditions, many people often wonder what legal cannabis can do for them.

This includes individuals who are already using non-legal cannabis and may not be aware of the benefits of legalizing, as well as those who have yet to try cannabis for themselves. Wherever you are on this spectrum, it’s worth discovering what the legalization of cannabis can do to directly affect your future.

If you’re currently a user, consider the possibility to enjoy cannabis in public without fear of repercussions. Or, the opportunity to potentially open your own business, based on your passion for this plant!

If you’re a non-user, this may be the perfect time to explore what good consuming cannabis can bring to your life. For more information on this unique substance, click here. 

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