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6 Car Organization Hacks You Need to Try 

6 Car Organization Hacks You Need to Try

Did you know that on average, we spend 4.3 years of our lives in our cars? That’s a lot of time behind the wheel!

In fact, some of us are so glued to our vehicles that we swear it’s a second house. And just like with our real home, it can get quite messy and unorganized in your car.

Considering that we spend so much time there, this is unacceptable. But thankfully, there are some car organization hacks that are simple to put into place.

Here are 6 tips you need to try so you can keep your car clean and organized!

1. Use a Popsicle Mold

When it comes to car organization accessories, this might sound like a strange one. But really, it’s a genius tip you’ve got to try!

These are very cheap and can be bought at a number of stores, so there’s no excuse for not finding one. Once you get your hands on one, put it in your center console. This allows you to place several small items in there without losing them!

For example, you can throw in loose change for 1 section, USB cords for another, and sunglasses for the next. This will keep everything looking neat and organized instead of loose and messy.

2. Get a Shower Caddy

Are you guilty of eating in your car all the time? Then a shower caddy is a must, especially if you’re prone to littering your vehicle with burger wrappers, soda cans, and more.

A shower caddy can easily go right by your driver’s seat. No matter if you’re ordering from McDonald’s or bringing your own lunch, all food should go in this caddy.

When you’re hungry, just reach into the caddy to eat. When you’re done, put everything back in. What goes out must go back in.

Bring the caddy in and out of the car to load it up and to empty your trash. It’s a simple hack, but you’ll be amazed at how spotless your car will be!

3. Make a Cereal Dispenser Trash Can

Even if you use a shower caddy for your food, you still might have some trash you need to throw away. For that, get a cereal dispenser. It’s the perfect size for a car trash can, as it can go on the floor of your passenger seat and not take up too much leg space.

This item comes with a built-in snap top that easily releases when you need to throw something away. Push the top back on so nothing falls out while you’re driving around. Make sure you line the inside with a small trash bag to reduce mess.

4. Put up Carabineer Clips

If you’re driving around alone and/or without a full vehicle a lot, then you have a lot of free space behind your seats. So why not utilize it?

Carabineer clips are strong, sturdy, and very out of the way. All you have to do is clip one to each headrest.

Then, get your things off the floor! You can clip up umbrellas, bags, purses, and more.

A great benefit of carabineer clips is your items won’t shift around while you’re driving around. This reduces the chance of something rolling underneath your seat and you forgetting about it.

5. Build a Pop-up Trunk Shelf

Do you constantly find yourself running out of trunk space, especially when you do groceries? Then you need a pop-up trunk shelf.

When it comes to DIY car organization hacks, this one is a bit more hands-on. Get yourself some zip ties, teacup hooks, an open-wire closet shelf, and auto carpet.

This pop-up trunk shelf can be rigged to give you double the space, and it doesn’t take a lot of time to assemble. And once you’re done, just pop it back out, fold it up, and lay it flat on your trunk floor. It won’t take up much space at all!

6. Create a Paper Cup Tissue Dispenser

You probably know the pains of trying to fit a tissue box into your car. It doesn’t go anywhere! You might’ve ditched any attempts to have it sit pretty somewhere and it’s just been sliding around on the passenger seat.

Here’s a hack you’ll appreciate! Get yourself a paper cup with a lid, like one from Starbucks. Cut the top in such a way that you can thread through tissues and pull them out easily.

Once you’ve got that figured out, pop the paper cup into the holder next to you and you’ll have easy access to tissues whenever you need them. Plus, they won’t roll or shift away!

Bonus: Remote Car Starter

This isn’t necessarily something to keep your car organized, but we promise it’ll make your life much easier!

When you get a remote start install done, you won’t have to fumble with your keys anymore. Plus, it can warm up the engine and the car before you get in.

This means that if you live somewhere where it snows, the ice and snow can be completely melted before you start your drive. On the other hand, if you live somewhere with extremely hot weather, you can also have the AC on and cool the vehicle down before you leave the house.

In any case, a remote car starter will make your drives more convenient and comfortable. So while you’re at it, consider having a remote car starter installed to make drives a cinch.

Use These Car Organization Hacks for a Better Time

If your vehicle is so messy it looks like it belongs in a junkyard, those days are over. With our car organization hacks, you’ll be able to get everything in its place and keep it that way.

Once you’ve invested some time into cleaning up your car and organizing all your items, you’ll be proud to tell people that yes, this is indeed your car. You won’t have to hide in shame anymore!

Now that you know how to keep your car organized, find more helpful tips by browsing our blog page now.

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