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5 Sneaker Styles You Can Wear on Casual Friday 

5 Sneaker Styles You Can Wear on Casual Friday

Comfort is an important consideration, no matter what type of work you do, and many companies have loosened the dress code at least once a week to accommodate a more laid-back workforce. Casual Fridays are anticipated as much for the relaxed dress code as for marking the end of the workweek. Whether you work in a business where blue jeans and asics gel lyte iii don’t raise an eyebrow or one with a more formal dress code, here are five sneaker styles you can wear on casual Friday.

1. Sneakers That Don’t Look Like Sneakers

There is a lot of experimentation in fashion today, and that boldness has found its way into casual footwear. Women can discover sneakers with the structure of a wedge shoe, with extra-wide laces that criss-cross your foot as they move up to the ankle like straps. Or try something from the Fenty Puma line, where you’ll find a new twist on classic creepers with an espadrille look and oversized bows that go great with jeans or skirts.

2. Sneaker Boots

Women’s boot fashions have enjoyed widespread popularity in recent years, with the demand only continuing to grow. That popularity is behind the look of the chic sneaker boot, a version of which you can find in the same Fenty by Rihanna line from Puma. You get a stacked wedge heel in a high-top, polished leather upper with a lace-up closure and exaggerated tongue. This gritty feminine style also features a chain buckle detail and pairs well with jeans or slacks. Men can check out Nike’s line of militarized, sneaker boots in burgundy, peach or black.

3. Classic Vans Styles

Equally at home on men and women, Vans classic shoes are perfect for casual office wear. With the unique designs for which they’re known and the casual comfort that everyone enjoys, it’s easy to find yourself wanting several pairs. Wear a simple low-top without laces for a seamless transition from khakis or jeans. Women can also try a fringed shoe from Vans that resembles leather and can easily pass for it.

4. Slip-On Loafer Looks

Many sneaker makers now offer a slip-on sneaker that looks like a loafer and can be paired with just about anything. Designs encompass high-tops, low-tops and come with and without laces. Keds makes a slip-on sneaker in suede that will dress up any casual outfit and comes in colors such as burgundy, grey, light pink and mauve. Propet Logans are leather slip-ons for men that come in rich brown, grey and black.

5. Statement Sneakers

If you’re not worried about blending in, go in the opposite direction with statement sneakers that grab everyone’s attention. Whether you want to mix dresses and hot-pink high tops or jeans and metallic gold and silver loafers, there are a variety of sneakers to suit any style. You’ll find them in all colors, and the good news is that they don’t have to match anything! Wear them for their own sake and revel in the statement you’re making.

With sneakers popping up on all the best-dressed celebrities, it’s no wonder there are so many styles to browse. Shop for your new casual Friday looks among Nike sneakers and a variety of additional lines today.

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