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A Brief Rundown on The Trendiest Shoes and Bags for Fall and Winter 2020/21 

A Brief Rundown on The Trendiest Shoes and Bags for Fall and Winter 2020/21
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2020 proved itself to be a rather harsh year for everything in the world, including current fashion trends. With the fears brought about by the pandemic swirling about, it exposed a lot of weaknesses in the fashion industry. Although it also opened up the desire for newness, evidenced by the “lockdown looks” spreading all over social media.

Fashion still has its place in uplifting spirits, even as we hit the fall and winter seasons. To go with these new outfits, shoes and bags are among the hot items to look into. These stylish, trendy accessories prepare you with both the right mix of form and function, which we will look into today.

1. Bags With the Outdoor Touch 

Among these shoes and bags, we start with bags that push on with the blend of form and function. In this case, bags follow more of the outdoor theme. You can see this at play with padded backpacks and holdalls as they come in quilted nylon and given a satin sheen finish.

Of course, bags for this season took on soft and plush quilting. This becomes reminiscent of the blanket-inspired coats that came out for this season. You can see this in oversized bags, which you can see here.

You also see reusable bottle bags as part of the trend. For instance, the Fredy Bottle Bag from Chloe adds eye-catching art on its leather body.

2. Accent by Chains

Another notable design element in both shoes and bags would be in how they employ chains in the mix. For bags, thick chains add a decorative flair for this fall, as you can see with bags from Tory Burch and MSGM. The chains would act as a decorative piece and as a strap to carry with.

Shoes provide a different picture of how they use chains in their design. While the trend started back in the 90s through chain jewelry, it also made its way towards sandals.

3. From Shearling to Boots

Apt for the season is in its transition towards colder months. It is also a good time to combine warmth and style with its choice of materials and design.

For instance, shearling sandals surfaced as an autumn trend for footwear, giving off that desire to keep warm and toasty for the season. Shearling bags also line and cover handbags for fall 2020 for a warm and cozy touch.

With winter coming up, the shift also goes towards boots. Lengths vary from thigh-high to knee-high boots. Of course, the combat boots and Chelsea boots have a say on the matter.

4. Fringe and Weave

If you look at the various handbags this season, you would notice the weave trend leaning towards a more atelier flair. More evident with its use of leather. It brings out a different feel when combined with fringe.

Spice Up With Trendy Shoes and Bags

Let your shoes and bags accentuate your fall and winter looks. With these new trends, let it uplift your day while it matches the changing seasons. After all, a new year looms over the horizon in a matter of weeks.

Do you want to learn more about fall fashion? Check out more of our guides to learn all the past, present, and future trends and style your outfits today!

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