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This Is How to Tell if Yeezys Are Real or Fake 

This Is How to Tell if Yeezys Are Real or Fake

Are you ready to spend some hard-earned dollars on a pair of Yeezys? This modern but iconic brand commands a heavy price tag to go with its distinctive look. However, that prestige and price attract fakes and you need to know how to spot them. 

To ensure you get the best deal, you need to know the signs. Read on as we give our guide on how to tell if Yeezys are real. 

Heel Tab

The first place to check for real Yeezys is the heel. There should be a tab of fabric that helps you pull the shoe on and off. Fake Yeezys will have a heel tab that is attached at a distance from the seam, where genuine products should be very close and flush. 


If you have bought one of the types of Yeezys brand new, then they should come with a box. This box will have information on a label, including the type, size, and brand of shoe. This should be cross-referenced with the tags on the inside of the shoe to check the size and serial number matches. 

Main Stitch

The main stitch runs along the front and middle of the shoe. It runs right down to the outer sole, ending just at the tip. 

This is one of the main giveaways. The stitch should be straight and not veering off-center. Poor stitching or a heavy, messy thread pattern is a surefire indicator of a counterfeit product. 

Inner Soles

On genuine Yeezys, then the inner sole should be removable. It will have an Adidas brand name and logo. The inner sole and uppers will be made from the same material. 

Fake inner soles will have white fabric sewn into them. Ink on the logo will often be a bright white, instead of the grey inherent in genuine products. Finally, when the two soles from each foot are placed together, real products should form an inverted mirror image. 

Side Logo

The inner side of your Yeezys should have a soft, gentle texture. Thick, rough fabrics indicate cheaper materials, a sign of fakes. 

The logo itself and the YZY stamp should be found at the center. They should be mounted on a fabric that has the texture of suede, thus the soft feel. On fakes, you may find that the logo is not central and the fonts are larger than they should normally be. 

Outer Soles

One final way to check is to look at the outer soles. The material should feel soft in genuine products, where it will be harder on a fake. Embossing should also be a mix of regular and irregular depths and lengths on real products. 

This is important to check when buying second-hand products, which are more likely to be high-quality counterfeits. You can read more on Yeezy resale in this article by KicksCrew.

How to Tell If Yeezys Are Real

Now you know how to tell if Yeezys are real, you just need to find the right pair. Check online for approved retailers and shop around for the right ones. Keep them clean and store them well, as they may accrue value at a later date. 

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