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5 Novelty Gifts That Are Sure to Get a Laugh 

5 Novelty Gifts That Are Sure to Get a Laugh

You’ve been on a dire search for the best gifts for all your friends and family this holiday season, but you can never find anything good enough for the people that matter most.

Or maybe you just need something good (and cheap) for the family Yankee Swap this year.

Stop worrying about finding the most fitting gift, and go for a great laugh instead. Novelty gifts can still be meaningful while making everyone chuckle a bit.

Find the best inspiration for gag gifts here and be prepared to be the life of the party (or at least the present-opening) this holiday season.

1. For Staying Warm

For your friend who is always cold, gift them the perfect layer with a food-printed blanket. They can wrap up in a pizza or a tortilla and become the coziest snack there is.

This gift is great for budget-minded gift-givers, but it still delivers the smiles and comfort of a great gag gift.

2. For Their True Love

Everyone has their one true love, their soulmate, and sometimes your soulmate is your dog. Show your appreciation for your friends or family who have a strong bond with their pet with clothing.

Surprisingly, the clothing isn’t for the dog, cat, or hamster, it’s for the human! You can purchase socks, shirts, pillows, and more with the pet’s face printed all over it. So even when their dog or cat is off napping, it’s easy to still hold them close.

3. For Their Coffee

A simple but fun novelty gift idea if a heat-changing mug.

Find one with your friend’s favorite movie series, like Harry Potter, or video games, like Pac Man. When they pour their hot coffee or tea into the mug in the morning, a hidden or missing part of the image will appear.

4. For The Smart One

For your friend who’s always bragging about how smart they are, or for your friend who shuns higher education as a scam, a novelty diploma should make them giggle.

A Harvard diploma or even one from a fictional university for clowns or conspiracy theorists will make a wonderful gag keepsake for years to come. Which universities in your country would make for a hilarious novelty degree?

5. For the Fashionista

If your friend loves fashion and has to have the best looks for every holiday season, gift them a classic seasonal gag gift: an ugly sweater.

The ugly sweater trend has created an endless variety of ugly sweaters for any kind of person. Find the most (or least) fashionable one you can find and tell your friend you have the perfect holiday outfit for them to show off this season.

The Beauty of Novelty Gifts

Every holiday celebration has to have its share of novelty gifts. It’s important to choose carefully, but the right gag gifts can keep you and your friends laughing all night long, and even for years to come.

If you want, you can find a novelty gift for every person in your life. For you still need to buy some more serious gifts, find gift guides and inspiration on our page.

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