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Why Traditional Dab Rigs Are Making a Comeback 

Why Traditional Dab Rigs Are Making a Comeback

Traditional dab rigs are making a comeback and are better than ever. Not only are they safe, affordable, and cool, but they’re also easy to use and clean.

When a traditional dab rig was first invented, dabbers would heat their concentrates with heating elements fixed to a standard water pipe. But there are better ways to vaporize concentrates, as it’s difficult to control temperature.

They’re Simple

Dab rigs are becoming increasingly popular among cannabis consumers, providing a more flavorful smoking experience than traditional bongs and bowls. They are also an excellent option for newcomers to smoke as they are simple and safe.

Many different types of dab rigs are available today, from the basic banger hanger to complex recyclers with multiple percolation tubes. It’s essential to understand the other functions of each type before making your purchase, as this will ensure you get the best vapor and taste.

The most simple rigs are the dabs straws, or what is often referred to as “nectar collectors.” These glass pieces consist of a straight pipe with a mouthpiece and a narrow tip that vaporizes when heated. They’re typically made from borosilicate glass.

These rigs are fairly easy to clean and maintain, as long as you use isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) to break up any resistant residual oil that may be stuck in your nail or banger or along the sides of your chamber. Wiping with a cotton swab or pipe cleaner will help to remove this residue, but if it’s stubborn and hard to remove, soaking the rig in a solution of water and alcohol for 30 minutes can be helpful too.

Many electronic dab rigs on the market replace your torch lighter with a digital, temperature-controlled heating element ready when needed. These rigs are usually more expensive than traditional dab rigs, but they can be a good choice for those who prefer to dab on the go or want to avoid setting up a conventional rig.

They’re Safe

Dabbing began as a way for smokers to enjoy concentrates without using combustion. This method involves heating a main surface (called a “nail”), placing concentrated concentrate on it, and inhaling the vaporized material through a mouthpiece.

Today, however, this process is a lot simpler thanks to the invention of dab rigs. These glass bongs have a banger (a “dab nail”) made of heat-resistant materials like borosilicate glass, quartz glass, titanium, and stainless steel.

Traditional dab rigs are typically more significant because they produce more vapor than mini rigs. They are also easier to store and transport.

They come in various shapes, designs, materials, themes, attachments, and smoke styles. They are available as single units or complete dab rig kits, including everything you need to start immediately.

Unlike electronic dab rigs, traditional dab rigs use flames and a timer to heat the nail. This can be very dangerous if you don’t carefully control the temperature.

Powered by a battery, these devices provide precise temperature control and adjustable airflow to get the most out of your waxes, oils, and resins. They are also much safer than using an open-flame butane torch.

They’re Affordable

Traditional dab rigs are returning thanks to their simple design and affordable prices. These rigs are easy to assemble and can be cleaned quickly and easily. They also make an excellent gift for beginners and can be used for many years.

Traditional rigs typically consist of a dome-shaped quartz nail, a glass banger, and a mouthpiece. Many pins exist, including adjustable, universal, and sidearm nails.

You can also find various rigs made from silicone and glass, making them easy to clean. Some even have removable bases that let you store your banger and mouthpiece without sacrificing space in your bag.

Another important consideration when buying a rig is its percolation system. A good percolator can help cool down your vapor and filter it for smoother hits.

Lastly, a quality percolator should also have an auto-shutoff feature. This can save you a lot of battery power and ensure your dab rig stays off when it’s not in use.

They’re Cool

Classic dab rigs are designed to deliver a smooth, vaporous experience. The water chambers and pathways in these dab rigs are scientifically calculated to filter and cool the vapor before it’s ready for your lungs.

These water chambers also help prevent reburn. This reburn can clog your rig or even cause it to catch fire, so it’s essential to keep a clean rig and regularly clean it after use.

Another reason traditional dab rigs are cool is that they’re made of borosilicate glass, which transfers heat very efficiently. Borosilicate glass is often more durable than silicone, so it’s an excellent option for those looking to keep their rig in good shape.

Lastly, some dab rigs have a ‘dome’ that keeps the hot vapor inside the device, which reduces your risk of burning yourself. This is particularly useful for mini dab rigs, which require minimal space and are ideal for on-the-go dabbing.

There are several different types of dab rigs, including recycler rigs, mini rigs, and e-rigs. Recycler rigs are dab rigs that feature interconnected chambers and pathways that continuously recycle the water and vapor for smoother dabs.

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