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Why Do UTI’s Come Back So Easily? 

Why Do UTI’s Come Back So Easily?

If you deal with chronic or recurring UTIs, you may feel frustrated and at a complete loss as to what to do. You have tried antibiotics, you practice good vaginal hygiene, you drink plenty of water and you avoid sugar. What more can you do to prevent recurring UTIs? Though every woman is different, preventing recurring UTIs begins with understanding why they keep coming back in the first place.

Sexual Activity

Sexual activity is the leading cause of UTIs, so if you have a healthy sex life, your libido could be to blame for your recurring infection. If that’s the case, don’t worry—there are plenty of steps you can take to enjoy yourself without having to worry about the aftermath.

For one, pee both before and during after sex. Use vaginal wipes directly afterward to thoroughly clean your vagina and surrounding areas of harmful bacteria. Also, take probiotics for UTIs and invest in other UTI-preventing products. You should also shower afterward and wipe your vagina and vulva with warm water (no soap!).

Personal Habits

Little things can go a long way toward disturbing the balance in your urinary tract. Not wiping properly, not wiping at all, eating too much sugar, holding your urine for too long or forgetting to change your underwear can all contribute to the development of a UTI.


As women go through menopause, they begin to produce less estrogen. Science shows that estrogen helps protect the vagina and urethra from bacterial growth. If you suspect your recurring UTIs are a byproduct of menopause, talk to your doctor about vaginal health probiotics and other solutions that may be right for you.

Unfortunately, there are other factors that are beyond your control that may contribute to UTIs as well. Those include your anatomy, genetics and immune system. However, there’s a solution out there for everyone that does not involve prolonged antibiotic use. Find yours today.

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