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The Truth About Vaping: Non-biased Facts That Are Worth Knowing 

The Truth About Vaping: Non-biased Facts That Are Worth Knowing

There are a lot of pros and cons surrounding vaping out there. We want to share with you the truth about vaping via a handful of non-biased facts.

If you put 20 adults together in a room, studies conclude that one of them vapes on a regular basis. That number has gone up in recent years as vaping has become more popular amongst the youth.

As young people adopt vaping, health professionals and interest groups have come out in droves to condemn the practice in order to curb its popularity. While the anti-vaping information provided by these groups isn’t necessarily incorrect, it doesn’t paint the full vaping picture.

Below, our team aims to disclose the truth about vaping through a handful of facts. Our hope is that, by reading about vaping’s pros and cons, you’ll be able to develop a more full opinion on whether or not it’s right for you.

1. Vaping Is Not Good for Your Body

This truth about vaping should be a no-brainer. Despite that assumption, you’d be shocked by how many sources try to couch vaping as something that’s positive for your body.

There are benefits to vaping, some of which we’ll talk about in a moment. Those nominal psychological/stress reduction benefits do not outweigh the damage that vapor and the compounds it carries (carbon dioxide, tar, etc.) can do to your lungs.

Bottom line, vaping is a destructive habit. Any resource that tells you anything to the contrary has a vested interest in getting you to continue smoking.

2. Vaping Is Better for You Than Smoking Cigarettes

If you’ve heard the argument before that vaping is healthier than traditional smoking, that argument is true.

The way in which vaping creates its smoking experience does not require combustion. Elimination of combustion helps to reduce your exposure to the harmful chemicals that your eJuice has built into it.

Given that vaping is healthier than smoking, many doctors recommend vaping as a baby step towards sobriety when dealing with career smokers.

3. There Are Social Benefits to Vaping

Here’s something that you don’t hear about vaping much: Vaping has a great social community built around it and participation in that community could benefit you psychologically.

Like any hobby, vaping gives participants a sense of direction during their day which can lead to feelings of happiness. Furthermore, doing things like talking with other people at vape shops about new mods (which this great guide discusses more of) and other things can help build friendships.

Those relationships could be extremely addictive to your overall well being.

4. Vapes Are Often Durably Made

There’s nothing worse than being on a camping trip, dropping your cigarettes in a stream and not being able to enjoy smoking for the rest of your excursion.

Vapes are good at not subjecting you to that experience.

Granted, not all vapes are created equally. If you buy from a quality manufacturer though, you’ll enjoy a device that’s durable, can take a few bumps and bruises and will allow you to enjoy smoking unbothered for years to come.

5. Vaping Is Addictive

There’s nothing positive about addiction. When you become addicted to something, you’re literally letting a corporate entity high jack your body with what they’re selling.

Vaping plays into that process.

Not only is the physical practice of vaping implicitly addictive but the compounds found in many eJuices (like nicotine) are explicitly addictive and can make it very hard for you to exercise free will.

6. Young People’s Brains Can Be Hampered By Vaping

The chemicals present in many eJuices can have a particularly detrimental effect on young people.

Sure, it can damage their lungs and put them at higher risk of cancer as vaping can do with anybody. With people whose brains are still developing though, exposure to tar, carbon dioxide, and nicotine can hamper brain growth.

This is why you need to be a certain age in order to smoke legally and why young people should never try to circumvent those barriers.

7. Consistency Is a Problem

The eJuice market is nowhere near as regulated as tobacco markets. That’s mostly due to the fact that vaping is a new practice that scientists are still trying to fully figure out.

Because of that, the chemical compounds that you’re exposed to in one vat of eJuice could be wholly different from the compounds that you’re exposed to when buying juice from another provider.

That lack of consistency makes what you’re putting into your body a sort of grab-bag that’s best avoided.

8. You’ll Save Money Over Smoking

A final truth about vaping is that while it’s addictive, traditional cigarettes are seen as more additive. Consequently, you’ll burn through your wallet faster with cigarettes than you will with vaping.

Furthermore, the government has mounted a large attack on tobacco that’s spanned a number of years. That attack has largely been carried out in the way of increased taxes that have driven cigarette prices up.

Vaping has not been subjected to those same tax constraints which has made their purchase price much lower.

Closing Out The Truth About Vaping

The truth about vaping is that the practice carries a variety of pros and cons. Understanding what those pros and cons are is key to helping you decide whether or not this hobby is worth your time.

We hope that our write-up has helped you to become a more informed vape user. We also hope that you’ll consider diving deeper into our content pool at iStoryTime.

iStoryTime is an online resource that’s committed to presenting a diverse portfolio of information aimed at crushing all of your biggest questions. Check out more of our newest content today to fulfill your need to know.

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