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Lasso Her Heart: 10 Special Gifts Just For Cowgirls 

Lasso Her Heart: 10 Special Gifts Just For Cowgirls

Got a cowgirl that you’re crazy about? Show her how much you care with these special gifts just for cowgirls!

Roughly 2 million Americans own a horse. If the special girl in your life belongs to this statistic (or desperately wants to one day), she just might consider herself to be a cowgirl.

So, when her birthday rolls around, you know you can’t go wrong with getting her a few special gifts just for cowgirls.

Do you need some inspiration? Then keep reading to discover our top 10 gift ideas for the western girl in your life.

1. A Professional Portrait of Her Horse

It’s no secret that people love their pets. And horses are no different. If the girl in your life loves her horse more than anything else, you may want to gift her a professional portrait.

There are a few different ways you can achieve this. You can hire an artist to come and paint a portrait of her and her horse together or just of her horse.

You can also hire a photographer and surprise her with a photo shoot. Her favorite image can then be printed onto canvas or framed.

If you’re looking for something a bit more cost-effective, you can take a picture she already has of her horse and get it printed onto canvas yourself.

Whichever route you choose to go, she’s sure to love having a great picture of her horse hanging on the wall.

2. A Spa Gift Basket

Whether the special girl in your life owns her own horse or works at a stable, you can bet she’s spending her days working hard. But after a long day caring for these majestic animals, she could probably use some time to relax.

That’s why you can’t go wrong giving her a spa gift basket. You can include everything she needs to unwind and soak her sore muscles, like bath salts, bath bombs, face masks, body wash, and lotion.

Bonus points if you find a rustic-themed gift basket!

3. Cowgirl-Themed Jewelry

Jewelry really is a girl’s best friend. Start by looking at the kind of jewelry she currently owns.

Is it small and simple? Then consider getting a subtle silver chain with a single pendant. This pendant could be in the shape of a horse, cow, horseshoe, or even a cowgirl hat.

Does she prefer bold and colorful jewelry that makes a statement? Then you may want to give her something made of silver and turquoise.

4. A Leather Wallet

Is her wallet falling apart? Or maybe she’s always complaining that there’s not enough room. If this sounds familiar, then why not gift her a new wallet?

You can find ones made of leather with silver studs and western designs. If she doesn’t usually carry a purse, look for a wristlet instead. These are basically wallets that come with an attached wrist strap so she can keep it safely by her side at all times.

5. A Saddle

A quality saddle is one of the most important things a cowgirl can have. Ideally, you want something comfortable, durable, and also adorable at the same time.

So, why not get that special girl in your life a custom saddle by Kent Saddlery? They custom-make saddles based on the rider’s measurements to ensure it’s a perfect fit. They’re also low-maintenance and designed to last through all that wear and tear.

6. Boots

No cowgirl is complete without at least one pair of boots. If the special girl in your life rides horses, she likely has a pair of riding boots and a separate pair of boots that she wears around town.

If either of these is looking a little worse for the wear, consider surprising her with a new pair of cowgirl boots! If you want to get her riding boots, focus on comfort above all else. But if you’re looking to get fashion boots, look for something cute, durable, and comfortable.

There are cowgirl boots that have studs, buckles, intricate designs, and fun colors. You can also find boots in a variety of heights. So, make sure you have a good grasp on her style before hitting the store.

7. A Western Hat

Nothing compliments cowgirl boots more than a western hat. While you can find these all blinged out and in bright colors like pink, consider going a bit more neutral here.

A brown, tan, or white hat is a great idea because it’ll match almost any outfit. You can then add a little extra interest by finding one with simple embellishments that go around the front.

These can be found in wool, suede, and even straw. While straw hats are more breathable, many women find wool to be more durable and comfortable.

8. A Fancy Belt

Belts are an excellent way to add interest to any outfit. If her current leather belt is starting to fray, fade, or wrinkle, consider gifting her a new one.

The best belts for cowgirls are leather and have a nice silver buckle. There are tons of different styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that she’ll love.

9. A Cowgirl-Themed Phone Case

Chances are the special girl in your life uses a phone case to protect her smartphone from falls. But phone cases are also a great way to show off your personal style.

There are tons of different designs that any cowgirl would love, including ones with cow print, horseshoes, or even sunflowers. Just make sure you choose a durable case, so her phone is still protected.

10. A Weekend Getaway

Sometimes the best gifts are experiences. If possible, consider taking her on a weekend getaway.

If she loves the great outdoors, consider going camping.

You can go horseback riding, hiking, and fishing during the day. Towards dusk, you can cook over a campfire and spend the night stargazing. Talk about romantic.

Special Gifts for Cowgirls

Don’t settle for just any old gift. Instead, get the amazing girl in your life one of the special gifts for cowgirls listed above.

Are you feeling stressed about affording the perfect gift? Then check out these tips on handling financial stress today.

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