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Why Do Mice Come in the House in the Summer? 

Why Do Mice Come in the House in the Summer?

You may think mice are cute, but they can be deadly and carry up to 200 pathogens that can infect humans. 

Having mice in your home is annoying and a health concern. You may think that mice only show up in the winter months to stay warm, but they can also be a problem in the summer. 

If you wonder why do mice come in the house in the summer, we have some answers for you. We go over the reasons mice may want to cool off in your home when it’s hot in our guide below. 

Signs of Mice 

Signs of mice in the house differ in the summer months because of the heat. In the winter, mice are most often found in attics and walls. In hotter months, mice tend to favor basements and crawl spaces where the air is more comfortable. 

You will hear more mice in the summertime. They are busy moving their nests to cooler areas of your house

Why Do Mice Come in the House in the Summer

Chances are you want to hide out in the air conditioning when the summer gets oppressive. The same goes for these tiny rodents. 

In the summer months, mice will look in your home for water, food, and a climate-controlled place to live. 

How to Get Rid of Mice in the House

Don’t wait to mitigate the issue if you have a summer mice problem. You can take a few steps to keep mice away from your house. 

Mice love garbage cans and compost piles. Keep your garbage cans secure so mice can’t feast on your trash. Keep your garbage cans far away from your house so that if a mouse gets in, they won’t be tempted to head into your home next. 

Go around your house and seal any foundation cracks you may have. If you have shrubs near your home, keep them neatly trimmed. 

Check your roofline and fix any missing or broken shingles. This is a good time to double-check that your chimney is secured with a snug-fitting cap. 

Keep your basement clean and uncluttered. A mouse will have fewer places to hide in an organized basement. 

If you have a mouse problem, calling a rodent control company can help. These professionals will know exactly what to do to keep these rodents out of your home. 

Know What to Look For to Keep Your Summer Mouse Problem Under Control 

If you keep asking why do mice come in the house in the summer, know that you can help control the issue. Even if you think you don’t have mice, keep a close eye for signs year-round to keep them out of your house. Controlling mice throughout the year will help keep you healthy and your home intact. 

Mice won’t be the only house problem you’ll need to deal with! Check out our home and garden articles today for more useful tips. 

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