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2019 Swimwear Trends You Don’t Wanna Miss 

2019 Swimwear Trends You Don’t Wanna Miss
Swimwear Trends

Swimwear trends are happening this year and if you don’t want to show up at the beach out of style, then you need to read this! Here’s what 2019 has in store.

Keeping up with the latest styles isn’t always the easiest task when you have a busy schedule. But knowing what’s in and what’s not has always been important to you. Luckily with this guide, you can read up on the latest swimwear trends for 2019 all in one place. 

Don’t show up at the pool or beach out of style. This year is flooding with new bathing suit trends. You’ll either sink to the bottom with an outdated suit, or you’ll stay afloat at the top in the most fashionable swimwear.

The choice is yours. But for those wanting the later, continue reading for our full guide on the newest swimwear trends of 2019, and get ready to strut the beach this summer with style and class!


Cutout bathing suits are hitting the runway and there’s a good reason why. What makes this style so popular is how unique it is from anything else. There are some one-piece bathing suits that have cutouts throughout the whole front, side, or back. 

But one-piece bathing suits aren’t the only ones that can rock the cutouts. Two-piece bathing suits are picking up on this trend as well. Cutouts in two-piece suits can be found on the hip, below the cups, or across the back on a top. 

Wearing these bathing suits will leave you with some pretty fancy tan lines, but don’t forget to apply sun protection in all cutout areas!

Animal Print

That’s right, animal print is back. Your first thought might be to go directly to leopard print, and you wouldn’t be wrong! Leopard print is a bathing suit trend sweeping the beach this summer. 

But don’t stop there. There are many more options when it comes to choosing animal-print swimwear. Two-piece and one-piece bathing suits are hitting the shelves from the classic leopard print to flashy zebra stripes to even snakeskin.

And the color choices are endless. Choose between the classic print colors or go with a more vibrant look with neon animal print designs.

High Waist

The high-waist trend isn’t only touching on shorts and pants. The high-waist fashion has now left its mark on swimwear. But don’t let yourself believe that high-waist means boring colors and designs.

Because the high-waist trend has become so popular lately, many swimwear lines have come out with desirable colors, designs, and styles of high-waist bathing suits. Find some with cutouts as mentioned above. Find others with bandeau tops, floral prints, ruffles, and oh so much more!

You can shop here for more designs and options! 


With a metallic bathing suit, you’ll be ready to outshine your competition at the pool and leave your partner speechless! When thinking of metallic fabric, you may picture a shiny silver color. Although this is true, and the classic metallic color is quite fashionable in swimwear, it’s not your only option. 

Metallic bathing suits come in black, gold, and rose gold as well. You’ll also find metallics in all different styles of bathing suits whether it be a one-piece, a two-piece, a high-waist, or other. 

One Piece

You’ve seen us mention one-piece bathing suits above, so it should be no surprise that they’ve made our list of 2019 swimwear trends. What was once frowned upon by teenage girls and younger women is now being swept off the shelves at a high rate! One-piece bathing suits are a trend that many might not have seen coming.

But with the latest swimwear lines putting out some stylish one-pieces, there’s no doubt that they’re quite popular. You can find them in just about any style, design, color, or print. 


Trends from the 90s have certainly made their way back into the spotlight. And now these older trends have taken over the swimwear world. Retro bathing suits are in.

Retro-textured swimsuits, spot tankinis, and lingerie-inspired suits are this summer’s trends. Find retro swimwear with one solid color as the base with another solid color as the border. For example, a purple two-piece suit might have a solid black stripe at the top on the bottoms and under the cups on a top.

You’ll also find many retro bathing suits with high cut legs in them. This is a trend that is made to give the illusion of more length in the legs.


Who knew you could wear a belt with your bathing suit? Well, you can. And it looks stunning!

If you’re someone who can’t leave the house without pair your favorite pair of jeans or summer dress with a stylish belt, then belted bathing suits might be your go to. Belts on swimwear can be found across the middle on a one-piece or across the hip on a two-piece. 

Belts are a great way to take a simple piece and turn it into something fashionable.


It was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka-dot bikini. Brian Hyland released this song in the 1960s, and he must have known what he was talking about because the song still rings true today. Although polka dots aren’t on our list for 2019 swimwear trends, yellow is. 

Yellow is the perfect color for spring and summer, and it looks amazing on any skin tone. Different shades like honey or others are available for yellow bathing suits. Soak up the sun while impersonating the sun in your yellow bathing suit!

Swimwear Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

These swimwear trends are ones you won’t want to miss this summer. Don’t let outdated swimwear styles drown you, stay afloat with these beautiful bathing suit trends. 

And to ensure you get the most wear out of your new bathing suit, be sure to follow this guide on funding your dream vacation, and don’t forget to pack your swimwear!

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