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University of Phoenix Discusses Accounting Careers 

University of Phoenix Discusses Accounting Careers

Some minds are meant to work with numbers. For those who like to crunch the numbers and look at spreadsheets, a degree in accounting might be the right fit. University of Phoenix points out that many companies are in need of accountants, and there are a lot of opportunities for those with an accounting degree.

An accounting degree will provide the foundational skills for budgeting, bookkeeping and reporting. Those with accounting degrees may find work as a forensic accountant, bookkeeper or auditor. Jobs for an accountant may not require an MBA for certain entry-level positions, and a bachelor’s degree might be all someone needs to get started as a professional accountant.

With a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, University of Phoenix helps students learn how to work through complex accounting concepts including auditing, taxes, accounting software, accounting principles, managerial accounting and common industry standards. These can lead to a number of career options.

Career as an Accountant

The most straightforward and expected profession for someone with an accounting degree is to work as an accountant. An accountant analyzes financial information and supports an organization with professional advice for their books. The accountant might work with a number of organizations or businesses as a freelancer, or they may work in house for a corporation. During tax season, some accountants take on additional work to help people with their taxes.

The average accountant will need to become a certified public accountant (CPA) to progress in their career. Getting a CPA requires passing an exam and becoming an expert in the field. According to the BLS, the average salary for an accountant was $71,550 in 2019, and the industry is growing at an average rate of 4 percent.

Career as an Auditor

For those who want to check records and keep businesses in line, a career as an auditor may make an interesting choice. An auditor may work for a public employer like the IRS or for private companies to help catch mistakes before they become broader issues. As an auditor, a professional may help protect businesses from facing fines, closure or bad publicity.

On average, an auditor will make $71,150 yearly, according to the BLS. These jobs are often grouped with statistics for accountants since they are closely related.

Career as an Examining Officer

Those who take another look at the books might be called tax examiners, tax collectors or revenue agents. These professionals are skilled at checking financial reports and conducting audits. In some cases, professional examining officers will work in detective settings, checking paperwork that tax bureaus have flagged and examining the tax filings.

The average salary for a tax examiner was $54,890 in 2019 according to the BLS.

Careers as an Accounting Supervisor

For those who want to run departments or accounting teams, a supervisor position will hold more appeal. This high-level job requires a full understanding of accounting and a number of management skills. This is a challenging position that can be demanding, especially depending on the company or clients involved.

The BLS reports that financial managers make an average of $129,890 per year and are in high demand with an expected job outlook increase of 15 percent (much faster than average) from 2019 to 2029.

About University of Phoenix

Earning an accounting degree through University of Phoenix can help students prepare for opportunities in accounting while giving adult students the freedom of a flexible schedule. Aside from the quality education and degree itself, the University offers Career Services for Life™ to support graduates with finding the right professional opportunities. Transferable credit options from University of Phoenix make it easier for interested students to finish a degree without starting over.

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