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What to Expect from Ultrasound Technician Programs 

What to Expect from Ultrasound Technician Programs

Did you know that the employment of ultrasound technicians is expected to grow by fourteen percent over the coming decade? That’s much faster than the average growth for all professions in the U.S.

While becoming an ultrasound technician comes with a lot of rewards, you also need to put in the work beforehand to make sure that you are qualified. By knowing what to expect from ultrasound technician programs, you’ll be better able to decide if the profession is right for you.

Keep on reading and we’ll take you through everything that you can expect when it comes to ultrasound technician requirements. 

Associate Degree 

This program runs for about 18 months to two years. An associate degree in this field will allow you to take on entry-level positions.

This is a relatively fast program that will streamline the education process so that you can learn the basic skills and information and start working as soon as possible. 

During your time in school, you will learn about equipment and patient care. Because an ultrasound technician works directly with patients, you’ll have to learn how to interact and communicate with all kinds of people. 

You’ll also need to master regulatory, ethical, and legal subjects. 

Bachelor’s Degree

A lot of ultrasound technicians simply get an associate degree and then start working. However, you can also spend four years getting a bachelor’s degree if you are interested in moving into management one day.

If you have this degree, you’ll be better suited to explore different ultrasound specialties. And if you get an associate degree and then decide to go for your bachelor’s degree, you might be able to transfer some of your credits to your new degree. This can end up saving you money and time. 

You can even take online ultrasound courses if it’s more convenient for you.

Certificate Program

If you’re a healthcare professional who already has a college degree but wants to become an ultrasound technician, consider entering a certificate program. 

These programs tend to last between one and two years. 

In order to enroll in an ultrasound technician certification program, you usually need to have a bachelor’s degree in any major. You can also usually get into a certificate program if you have an associate degree in an allied health program, such as a registered nurse or occupational therapy assistant.

Know What to Expect from Ultrasound Technician Programs

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now have a better idea of what to expect from ultrasound technician programs. As we can see, you have several options that you can choose from.

It’s important that you consider how much time you have. You also want to know what your goals are. Once you have that figured out, it should be easier for you to decide how you want to enter the field.

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