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Top 6 Essential Reasons Your Bathroom Needs a Vent Fan 

Top 6 Essential Reasons Your Bathroom Needs a Vent Fan

When renovating your bathroom, you’re likely to be considering things like tiles, shower design, and paint colors—but have you remembered one of the most important features in bathroom design?

The unsung hero of your bathroom is the vent fan. A vent fan works as an exhaustion system, removing smells, moisture, or water from inside the bathroom and moving it outside the house.

Do bathroom fans really make a difference? Absolutely—if you’re renovating your bathroom, be sure to include a vent fan in your design.

Keep reading to find six key reasons why all bathrooms, large or small, need a ventilation system.

1. Makes Your Bathroom More Efficient

Should I get a vent fan? If you have multiple people sharing one bathroom, definitely!

Vent fans make your bathroom more efficient, since when a fan is turned on, it quickly removes moisture, smells, and unwanted humidity from a bathroom—bringing it back to its normal state.

There’s nothing worse than going into the bathroom to take a shower and finding it all hot and sticky from the person who just showered there (or, even worse, smelly!).

With an effective vent fan, your bathroom can become more efficient, allowing more people to use it right after one another without needing to wait.

2. Removes Unwanted Odor

We all know one of the main reasons for using a bathroom is, of course, for going to the bathroom! It’s a fact of life, but when using the bathroom, it can end up leaving the room a bit stinky.

However, it can be very embarrassing when you walk out of a bathroom and notice that you’ve left a smell behind! Air fresheners only mask the smell and often contain strong scents that can set off allergies, so they’re not the best solution to the problem.

With a vent fan you can turn it on as you leave the room and it will quickly disperse any odors. This reduces embarrassment and also makes the bathroom more pleasant for the next person who uses it.

If you have a baby and are frequently changing diapers, a vent fan can be a big boost—all parents are too familiar with the smell of a dirty diaper!

3. Prevents Mold

The main job of a van is to remove water and moisture from a small space, like a bathroom. This is important for your health, due to one main reason—mold.

Mold thrives in dark, damp spaces, like a bathroom that’s left unventilated. If you don’t have a vent fan in your bathroom, you’re likely to notice mold developing on the walls or ceiling.

Not only is this ugly, but it can also be dangerous to your health. Mold and mildew often cause uncomfortable side effects, such as itchy eyes, asthma symptoms, wheezing, and skin irritation.

If you’ve noticed mold starting to develop in your bathroom, it’s best to have it professionally removed—then, install a ventilation system so it doesn’t come back. Or, if you have a vent and you’re still seeing mold develop, it’s probably because the vent is too small for the size of your bathroom.

4. Protects Your Paint or Wallpaper

Did you invest lots of time and effort into giving your bathroom a beautiful paint job? Or, did you hang up wallpaper in the bathroom?

If so, you should know that both paint and wallpaper are at risk from moisture. It causes wallpaper to peel and paint to crack or chip off, as both materials are meant to be used in a dry environment.

A vent fan can be helpful in protecting your interior design, as it will dry out your bathroom after each use and prevent water damage to your paint.

5. A Vent Fan Makes Your Bathroom More Comfortable

A vent fan is also great for making your bathroom more comfortable year-round. It’ll keep it from being too muggy and hot in the summer, and will also circulate air in the winter, keeping it from feeling so cold.

Some vents even have built-in heating systems, so they can help heat up the room—ideal for cold winter mornings when it’s time to jump into the shower!

If you’re looking to add a vent to your bathroom, it can be confusing to know what size is best. It helps to use an online CFM calculator, as it will work out what vent is based, based on the square footage of your bathroom.

6. Add Value to Your Home

You might even find that bathroom vents can add value to your home when it comes time to sell. Modern buyers are seeking out all of the modern amenities, like smart home tech, new appliances, and features like strong bathroom vents.

If the house is move-in ready and the buyers don’t need to pay to install things themselves, it becomes more appealing to buyers. Should you be thinking of selling down the track, know that bathrooms are a key item for buyers, so taking the time to update yours can definitely add value to your home.

Install a Bathroom Vent Fan in Your Home Today

Does your bathroom have a vent fan installed? If not, the reasons above have hopefully convinced you to get started.

If you have strong DIY skills, you might be able to install vent fans for yourself, but most homeowners will probably want to hire a contractor. Working with a professional is a good way to be sure the job is done to the highest standard.

Get started today and you’re sure to enjoy your bathroom much more with the help of a ventilation system!

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