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Love What You Drink! 4 Awesome Benefits of Filtered Water 

Love What You Drink! 4 Awesome Benefits of Filtered Water
Drinking water

 Anthropologists talk about how critical it was for civilizations when they found ways to get running water. If you’re dealing with contaminated or unsafe water, though, you might not be so appreciative of those discoveries.

Your water problems might be easier to solve than you think with a simple filter. Check out these important benefits of filtered water to see what you stand to gain.

1. Removes Health-Risking Contaminants

Is anything more important than your health? We think not, and your water shouldn’t be putting your health at risk.

Whether you have city water or well water, you’re at risk for a wide range of contaminants. It will depend on your area, but common water contaminants include microorganisms, lead, arsenic, pesticides, and fertilizers.

While municipal water is typically filtered before it gets to you, you never know how comprehensive those filtering systems are or when they’ll have a breakdown. Your health isn’t worth the risk.

2. Keeps Your Home Smelling Fresher

Have you ever been in a home that had a high sulfur content in its water? It’s impossible to escape the smell. The same is true with many other potential contaminants, even if you’re so used to them that you don’t smell them yourself.

To keep that smell away, though, a filtered pitcher in the fridge won’t do. You need to have a system installed in your home’s water intake.

This is because the smell will come through anywhere there’s water in your home. We’re talking about every toilet, faucet, washing machine, you name it. Find more info about these filtration systems and how they work.

3. Makes Water More Appealing to Drink

If there’s one piece of health advice that’s universal, it’s drinking water. Water helps almost every function in our bodies run more smoothly, but few of us drink enough of it.

When your water has visible floaters in it, or it smells or tastes odd, you won’t want to touch it. When you have fresh, filtered water, though, you’ll be able to enjoy how refreshing it is and you’re likely to drink more of it.

Keep in mind that unappealing tastes and smells also come through in your cooking at home. Contaminated water is a recipe for far more takeout and soda than anyone should have.

4. Fewer Struggles to Clean Limescale Stains

Few people would say that cleaning is their favorite thing to do. It’s even worse when you have to go back over everything to get rid of limescale stains.

Limescale is common in unfiltered water. It leaves stubborn stains and residue on dishes, showers, sinks, and anything else your water touches for a period of time.

With a water filtration system, you can cut out the limescale before it gets to you so you don’t need to add extra steps to your cleaning routine.

Recognizing the Benefits of Filtered Water

You don’t have to spend time in the desert to see how water is critical in our daily lives. When that water has a smell, a taste, a residue, or even a health hazard, your appreciation for it sours.

Getting a water filtration system is the only way to experience all the benefits of filtered water.

For more tips on making your home healthier, check out more articles on our blog.

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