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Keep It Cool: 3 Common AC Problems and Solutions 

Keep It Cool: 3 Common AC Problems and Solutions
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Nearly 100 million American homes have air conditioning. While some regions don’t rely as heavily on these units, others feel as though they can’t live without it. 

Nothing is worse than when it’s hot and humid, you head inside for relief, and your AC isn’t working. If you’re experiencing any of these common AC problems, then this article can help. 

Follow these tips for solving AC problems and solutions and get the cold air blowing again. 

1. It Totally Stops Working 

If your system is running and then suddenly shuts down without warning, the first place you should look is the thermostat. Check if it needs new batteries. It the thermostat is on and working, make sure it’s in “cool” mode. 

If the problem persists, check your circuit breaker. You may need to flip the circuit switch back to the “on” position. If none of this solves the problem, then you have a bigger problem on your hands, and you need to call in a professional technician. 

It’s smart to have an ac tune up done annually or semi-annually. This will catch potential issues and resolve them before they become a bigger problem. 

2. Air Isn’t Getting Cold 

If your system is running and blowing air, but the air isn’t getting cold, then there are a few possible culprits. Start by changing out the air filter and checking the setting on the thermostat. 

If this doesn’t resolve the problem, then head outside and check that your unit is clear of debris and vegetation. Keep all plant growth at least two feet away from the unit. 

Other possible culprits are a refrigerant leak, old windows, or worn-out insulation. These are bigger problems and will require the help of a technician or contractor to replace the refrigerant, windows, or insulation. 

3. It’s Cooling Unevenly 

If you find that your home is hot and cold in patches, this is typically a sign of a leak, blocked vent, or failing insulation. Your system is working fine, but you’re losing the cold air somewhere along the way. 

Check your vents and ductwork to ensure that they are open and free of obstructions. Then consider the age of your home and the quality of the insulation and seals around your exterior doors and windows. 

If you’re still struggling with varying temperatures, consider where in the home the warm temperatures are happening. It could be from the heat of the sun. Blackout curtains over the windows could be a simple fix. 

Solve These Common AC Problems and Solutions

As you can see, addressing common AC problems and solutions is relatively simple. Now that you what to do about AC problems, you can address these issues without having to call in the professionals. 

This will save you both time and money. So if you aren’t feeling the cold, it’s time to get your AC running again. 

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