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Tips to Create an Elegant Fusion with Shirts and Ties 

Tips to Create an Elegant Fusion with Shirts and Ties
Shirt & Tie

Nowadays, an overwhelming collection of shirts and ties in the market can increase the chances of terrible decisions. Unfortunately, the lousy selection of ties and shirts can affect your personality. If you want a professional look, you have to understand the science behind color matching. Moreover, you must have the ability to mix patterns and colors. Here are some tips that will help you to create an elegant fusion with shirts and ties.

Understand Color Basics

For a stylish look, you have to match colors perfectly. Feel free to use a color wheel for a visual representation of each shade. It will help you to contract different colors and see their effects. The color wheel allows you to compare different colors. 

You can find similar colors close to each other. Complementary colors will be opposite to each other. It can be difficult for a newbie to pair these colors. If you want to create a contrasting combination, make sure to choose a darker tone. With boys ties collection, it will be easy for you to choose the best neckties.       

Guidelines to Pair Colors

To combine ties and shirts, it will be easy for you to pair contrasting shades. A burgundy tie and mid-blue shirt may look good with a single-breasted, navy suit. If you need complementary colors, consider varying shades. For instance, a light blue shirt looks good with a dark orange tie. 

If you want a safe option, wear a white shirt and a simple tie. Experiment with patterns and colors to quickly learn the best combinations. Create go-to tie and shirt combinations for your regular use.

Buy the Best Tie

Tie becomes a focal point in your personality; therefore, invest in quality. It doesn’t mean to buy an expensive tie, but you must have a tasteful accessory. A necktie must look great even without wearing it. 

The size of a tie is an important consideration. The width of a necktie must match with the breadth of lapels on your suit. Moreover, it must complement your specific body shape. Always perfectly tie your necktie to fit your face shape and collar on the shirt.

If you are confused about the fabric of your tie, go with a traditional silk tie for formal business meetings. Remember, textured fabrics like wool are great for casual business events. The rebellious youngsters may like knitted ties. These neckties look great with a cardigan or bespoke suit.

Tie for Plain Shirts

If you are wearing quality shoes and raw denim, you can choose cotton shirts. These look great in pink, sky blue, and white colors. For maximum versatility, feel free to select white shirts. It will provide you a blank canvas for every tie. White shirts look great for everything, such as knitted version, tartan check, or preppy stripe. 

If you want to wear a pink or a blue shirt, you have to buy a matching or contrasting tie. Orange can complement this color. Moreover, red and yellow are contrasting shades. Feel free to wear ties in pink, mustard, or burgundy shades against these colors.    

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