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The 8 Most Popular Collecting Hobbies 

The 8 Most Popular Collecting Hobbies

Building a collection has been a popular hobby for generations for many reasons but the main one? Well, who doesn’t love a treasure hunt?

Serious collectors have a lifelong treasure hunt ahead of them as they’re always on the lookout for rare additions to their collection. Some of the most popular collecting hobbies involve exceptionally valuable items and others are just a bit of fun. No matter what you start collecting now though, you never know, it might be worth a fortune in the future!

Starting a collection is a great hobby that takes you to all sorts of places over your life. In an age where you can buy new things at the drop of a hat, wouldn’t it be more interesting to collect unusual and hard-to-find items?

Keep reading to learn all about eight of the most popular collectibles. 

1. Stamps

Stamps are one of the most popular collectibles in the world thanks to their long history and huge variety. The first postage stamp was the Penny Black, issued May 1, 1840, in England. Since then, every country in the world has adopted postage stamps, creating their own unique designs. 

These tiny bits of colorful paper can be highly valuable thanks to their variation. The rarer the stamp, the more valuable it is and collectors might travel far and wide in the search for highly-prized stamps. 

You can start a stamp collection for fun with ease and you’ll find yourself learning a lot about countries and their histories as you collect.  

2. Coins

Coin collections are similar to stamp collections as they often have items from all over the world. Coins come with their own idiosyncrasies, histories, and ties to different nations, making them fascinating for the collector. 

Getting to know the basics of coin collecting is important so that you know where to begin. You’ll learn about how coins get made, the different patterns from around the world, and how to store your coins too. Coins might be small, but you’ll need a fair bit of storage space as your collection builds.

3. Baseball Pins

Do you love reading the latest baseball news? Do you have a list of favorite players? If you love baseball, this might be the perfect collectible for you.

Baseball pin collections are another great option for starting a new hobby and they’ve got a history going back to the 19th century. Baseball pins are colorful and wonderfully designed, often commemorating certain players or games. 

If you’ve started a collection or you’re thinking about it, you can find out more about building your new hobby easily. 

4. Vinyl

Record collections often start out of a love of music but, as time has passed, they have become valuable collections in their own rights. Vinyl records are making a comeback as turntables are back on the market and younger people are beginning to take an interest. 

If you’ve still got some vinyl from the old days, perhaps it’s time to make a list and start developing your collection further. If you’re new to record collecting, you’ve got some great discoveries yet to make. More and more new artists are releasing vinyl versions of their albums but there’s a lot of old greats waiting for you in charity stores too. 

5. Comic Books

If you want to start collecting comic books, don’t think you can put your feet up and read them all weekend long. If you’re collecting comic books in the hope their value will increase, you must keep them in mint condition. Some people started their collections inadvertently when they were kids, others deliberately begin collecting and seek out rare editions. 

If you love comics, this is a fun collection to take pride in. There are comic book stores all over the country and the world, giving you a treasure hunt that’ll last forever. 

If you’re lucky enough to come across a particularly old comic book, you never know, it could be worth millions!

6. Wine

Collecting wine is a tradition dating back hundreds of years and there are a few reasons why collectors stock their cellars with wine. In some cases, avid wine drinkers know that certain wines will taste better in the future and maintain collections with the intention of drinking the wine themselves. 

Other collectors use wine as an investment, hoping it will appreciate over time and they can sell it at a profit. Some wines are incredibly valuable and there’s even a fraud wine industry, where criminals recreate rare labels and try to sell “rare” wine that’s nothing of the sort. 

7. Trading Cards

Kids might love trading cards but as an adult, trading cards can make great collections. Some rare varieties of trading cards can be worth tens of thousands while complete collections of others can still go for a lot. 

Trading cards are a fun thing to collect as you can expand your collection into different types of trading cards. From Pokémon to Magic cards, it’s not hard to begin a card collection. 

8. Toys

Dolls, Doctor Who figurines, Polly Pocket, Beanie Babies…the list goes on. There are so many toys that have become highly collectible over the years and many people own large collections. Retro and rare toys can become very valuable, fetching thousands of dollars or more in auctions. 

Toy collections often start out of a real passion for a particular toy or brand, like Star Wars. You can collect small toys with relative ease but if you want to collect a big range, you might need at least a spare room for your collection! 

Why Not Try Out One of the Most Popular Collecting Hobbies?

Starting a collection is much more enjoyable than simply buying something you want. When you collect something, you’ll always be on the hunt for it and will feel great satisfaction when you track down a new addition. 

You could easily start a stamp collection and there are many stamps for sale online or in flea markets. Toys, comic books, and baseball pins are all wonderful things to build a collection of that will give you a hobby for the rest of your life. These are the most popular collecting hobbies but there’s nothing to stop you beginning any collection you want. 

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