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6 Tips on Buying CBD Safely Online for Beginners 

6 Tips on Buying CBD Safely Online for Beginners
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Between 2017 and 2018, 52 people in Utah were hospitalized because they consumed fake CBD oil.

You might think that it’s impossible to be harmed by taking CBD. Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies selling CBD that can be toxic.

That doesn’t mean that all CBD products are scams. Buying CBD safely is possible when you know what to look for in legitimate CBD products. Keep reading to learn how you can buy CBD products and stay safe.

1. CBD Extraction Process

CBD is extracted from cannabis or hemp. There are benefits of using hemp CBD, the biggest advantage being that there is only a minimal amount of THC.

The least expensive CBD products are priced that way for a reason. Those companies tend to use pesticides and other chemicals to grow and extract the product. You want to have a product that is organically grown to ensure top quality.

2. Third-Party Testing

How can you be sure that the product fulfills its promises? Legitimate CBD companies turn to independent lab testing to verify the quality of the product.

CBD companies will have information on their websites that show when products were tested, when, and the overall results.

3. Focus on Consumer Education

The average person doesn’t know a lot about CBD. They may have heard that it helps with various ailments, but that’s it. CBD companies see it as their responsibility to educate customers about the benefits of CBD.

They may walk you through the growing and extraction process, or provide an online chat to get immediate product advice. That will make you an informed consumer and you’ll be able to make better buying decisions.

4. Online Reviews

Online customer reviews are incredibly helpful in researching CBD companies. You can get insights into the customer service, shipping times, and any issues with the CBD products.

Read reviews from the last six months. That will give you an accurate picture of what the company is up to.

5. Read the Label

Legitimate CBD companies are transparent about the ingredients in their products. They’ll have the ingredients label available on the product page.

Read the label carefully, since it may provide clues about what’s really in the product. A product that claims to be completely organic shouldn’t have any synthetic ingredients.

6. Discreet Delivery

Even though many CBD products are perfectly legal, there’s still a stigma around using CBD products. You want to ensure that your CBD products are delivered discreetly. You can refer to the company’s shipping policy or read customer reviews to find out more.

Buying CBD Safely 

It can be overwhelming if you want to buy CBD online. Buying CBD safely online does involve a little research on your part, but it’s worth the effort to find a brand you trust.

The safest CBD companies will use organic methods to grow and extract the CBD product, and they’ll use independent labs to verify the quality and accuracy of the product. You should take a look at what others say about the products and read the label to know what you’re getting.

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