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Read It? 5 Ways to Recycle Old Books 

Read It? 5 Ways to Recycle Old Books

There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book—but what happens after you finish reading?

Whether you’ve got lots of novels, hardcovers, or textbooks, books can take up plenty of space and sometimes need to be moved on to a new home. That way, someone else can appreciate them!

Are you wondering how to recycle old books or find another use for them? If so, keep reading to find five top ideas for old books.

1. Donate Old Books to Charity

After you’ve finished reading old books, or if you have textbooks you no longer need, there are many places that will gratefully accept them. You can get rid of books by donating them to a charity, library, school, or shelter.

Books can be expensive, and many small charities can’t afford to buy new books–some donations might even be tax-deductible.

However, sometimes it’s possible to get cash back for your old books—this link can help you learn more:

2. Start a Street Library

As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Put your old books to good use by starting a street library.

Build an outdoor, waterproof container where you can place books that anyone can take. Generally, street libraries work under the ‘give a book, take a book’ policy—for every book you take, you replace it with another.

Once it’s ready, let your neighbors know so you can start swapping books. 

3. Create a Photo Frame

A creative way for recycling old books is by turning them into a photo frame! Cut the cover of a hardback book to the size of your photo, then place the photo inside and display somewhere in your home, like on the mantle.

It’s a fun way to recycle the book without needing to damage the pages.

4. Make a Wreath

Another amazing craft that you can do with old books is to make a book wreath.

By removing the pages, you can fold the paper into an origami design and use them to create a unique wreath. You can even personalize it with designs or colors to suit an upcoming holiday.

5. Repurpose Old Books Into a Jewelry Box

What else can you do with old books? We love the idea of making them into a jewelry box. Glue several hardcover books together, then cut through them to create a storage space.

Books are amazing for storage, since no one suspects them as being anything but books!

Use These Useful Tips to Recycle Old Books

If you’re looking for a way to recycle old books, these tips are sure to help! While we all love a good book, sometimes they just need to be moved on to a new home.

With a bit of thought and creativity, you can repurpose your books so they can still be useful, even once you no longer need them.

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