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The Incredible Edible: A Complete Guide to Buying Cannabis Edibles 

The Incredible Edible: A Complete Guide to Buying Cannabis Edibles

Are you thinking about purchasing cannabis edibles for the first time? If so, check out this complete guide to buying cannabis edibles.

Everyone’s eating their weed these days.

Check it out:

In 2016, people spent over $180 million on edible marijuana-infused treats and drinks in California alone. Obviously, that was a few years ago already! We’re guessing such figures have only gone up since then.

Clearly, this is a popular way of consuming all that’s good and green! But there’s more to edibles than meets the eye. It’s worth knowing a few tricks of the trade before diving headfirst into them. Looking for advice?

Keep reading to learn 5 essential pieces of insight to guide your first foray into cannabis edibles.

1. They’re Stronger Then You Think

A common first-timer edible error is to take too much.

We’ve all been there. It’s all too easy to do. After all, those treats taste so darn good it’s hard not to indulge. You get a plate of brownies in front of you and get stuck in! Before you know it you’re a dribbling mess on the sofa.

Go easy on them. Especially when it’s your first time. Take a little bit and see what happens. Then have more if you need it.

2. There Might Be a Delayed Reaction

Don’t be surprised if the edible doesn’t get to work straight away.

It can take time to feel the effects.

The worst thing you can do is wonder why it’s taking so long and keep munching to rectify the problem! It’s like, ‘ah, it’s not working- I obviously haven’t eaten enough.’ That’s how you can get into trouble.

The effects are coming. You just gotta be patient! Expect to wait between half an hour and even 2 hours to feel stuff happening.

3. Expect Longer-Lasting Effects

Okay, so there’s a delayed reaction.

But it also takes far longer for the effects to wear off! They tend to peak within 4 hours or so. But you could be tripping balls for six straight hours overall. For particularly strong edibles, you can still be high 24 hours later!

4. Expect the After-Effects

You can’t be high for 24 hours and not experience some sort of fall-out from it!

Even if yours lasts no-where near as long as that, edibles often leave a residual emotional effect behind. Tiredness, headaches, and a general feeling of moving through treacle can reign supreme over your day! Expect a level of lethargy and sluggishness.

5. Be Safe and Stick to Your Needs

No-one wants a spiked edible.

Be sure to only buy from reputable dispensers. If you’re buying edibles, looks for proper packaging and labeling. These should have all the ingredients and potential allergens, plus the THC dosage and THC-type. Make sure the packaging hasn’t been tampered with.

The safest way to consume edibles is to buy your weed from a legitimate, legal dispenser and then learn how to make them yourself!

Time to Get Some Cannabis Edibles

There you have it: everything you need to know about buying cannabis edibles for the first time!

Edibles are an increasingly popular way to consume marijuana. And for good reason- they’re awesome! However, it’s definitely worth reading into what to expect before your first time taking them. You’ll steer clear of the potential mishaps and guarantee a positive experience!

Hopefully, this article will help you do exactly that.

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