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Fun Activities to do with Family at Easter 

Fun Activities to do with Family at Easter

Easter Time

Easter is a fun time for adults and children alike. It is a family holiday that can be enjoyed by all ages. For some, it is a religious holiday, and for others, it is just a weekend full of fun activities and quality time spent together. Whether you have small children or not, there are plenty of things that can be enjoyed by all ages. These are some fun activities that you can do with the family this Easter.

Easter egg hunt

You might think that Easter egg hunts are for small children, but this is 100%, not the case. If you have children and adults participating, then you can make the hunt more interesting for adults by filling some Easter eggs with small amounts of money and others with chocolate. Essentially, it is like a lottery game wherein if you are a kid, you’ll feel lucky to get chocolates, and if you are an adult, you’ll feel lucky to get an egg that has some money in it.

Egg-related games

You may remember different egg-related games from your childhood. Two popular classics you might remember are the egg tapping game and the egg-and-spoon race. Having an egg and spoon race where competitors are all different ages will make it fun for those participating and observing. Having your father compete with your three-year-old trying to balance an egg on a spoon is certainly an amusing sight. Egg tapping is also very common in lots of households. It’s a simple game where everyone gets a hard-boiled egg, and they aim is to try and crack the other person’s egg without cracking your own. To make people more motivated to play, you could have a prize for the winner.

Arts and crafts

Essentially, this is another classic from our childhoods. Everyone has done some Easter related crafts at some point in their lives. Simple crafts such as painting eggs or making your own Easter crackers are enjoyable activities for everyone involved. The Works has lots of Easter crafts 2018 ideas. For example, you can buy pipe cleaners, feathers, and some foam stickers to get creative. If you decide to keep the crafts only for children, then you can also motivate the kids by giving each kid, who comes up with a creative design, some chocolate eggs.

Baking Easter treats

A delicious way to spend Easter is to bake some Easter related treats. For example, you can make cupcakes and decorate them with different Easter designs such as chicks, eggs, spring flowers and so on. Another great idea is to make egg-shaped Easter pancakes in the morning for breakfast, and you can serve the pancakes with different things that you would usually use to decorate cakes or cupcakes. This way each person can decorate their “egg” and enjoy it for breakfast.

Easter is a fun time to be enjoyed by the whole family. You can enjoy it by doing active things such as an egg hunt or an egg and spoon race, or you can also cook or make crafts with everyone in the family. Both are great ways to celebrate Easter and to spend quality time with loved ones.

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