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Pot For Your Pets? Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oil for Pets 

Pot For Your Pets? Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oil for Pets

Did you know that CBD oil for pets can effectively treat a number of different conditions? Learn more about how to help your pet with CBD oil here.

You’ve heard the buzz surrounding CBD as the newest alternative medicine trend. But now things are popping up everywhere suggesting CBD oil for pets. If your pet has been suffering from an illness or is beginning to struggle in old age, it can be easy to want to do anything to help them.

Like with any wellness trend it’s important to do your research, and especially when giving a new substance to your precious fur baby. You shouldn’t try out a new substance because you’ve seen its popularity on the internet.

Understanding how CBD works can help to give you see why pot for your pets is becoming a trend. Keep reading to learn the ins and out of CBD oil and if it’s safe for your pet.

CBD Basics

CBD is a cannabidiol extract that comes from the cannabis plant. This naturally occurring plant property is free of any psychoactive effects that are associated with marijuana.

CBD reacts with the cannabidiol receptors inside your body to bring you a range of healing properties. These receptors, which are most commonly found within the immune system and the nervous system, are jump-started by CBD.

Once the cannabidiol receptors have been activated they work to regulate the systems of the body to have them working at their very best. This system of receptors is referred to as the endocannabinoid system and it isn’t only found in humans.

Actually, this system is found within all mammals, reptiles, and birds. So it’s easy to see why CBD could affect your pet in a similar way as it does you.

Benefits Of CBD Oil For Pets

Since CBD works to regulate some very important systems in the body, it has an array of effects. One of the main effects is its intense anti-inflammatory properties.

If you have an aging dog or cat who seems to be in chronic pain when trying to move around, CBD can assist in relieving some of that. By reducing the inflammatory response CBD, in turn, is a natural pain reliever because most pain is caused by inflammation.

Because CBD also interacts with the nervous system, some pet owners have found that it can also aid in relieving any neuropathic pain your animal may be experiencing.

The top researched benefit of CBD is its aid for patients who experience epilepsy, as it has been shown to help control seizures. So if your pet suffers from seizures this can be used as a natural remedy.

There is currently a study being conducted by the Canine Health Foundation to see exactly how CBD effects pups with epilepsy. Previously, these studies have before only been centered around humans.

CBD has also been shown to be an anxiety reducer. So if your pet seems overly anxious, isn’t eating, or has been experiencing separation anxiety recently it’s possible that CBD can help.

Is CBD Safe For My Pet?

Like any good pet owner, this should be the number one question you have before trying CBD on your pet. Since CBD has only recently become legal, there have been little to no scientific studies conducted on how this plant extract effects animals.

The above-listed benefits are solely based off of how CBD effects humans. Since both humans and animals share the endocannabinoid system within their bodies it’s a decent assumption that it affects animals the same way.

Many pet owners have tried this treatment out their self and come back with a good report, but unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence to back up these claims. Like with all natural substances every animal may respond differently.

Before trying out this product its important that you talk to your vet. Talking with your vet will help you come to the right decision together if CBD is a viable option for your pets.

Deciding To Try CBD Oil On Your Pet

Because your animal can’t directly communicate to you what it is feeling, it can be hard to know what dosage is right. Currently, there is no FDA approved dosage for animals, but you can find some dosing charts to help point you in the right direction.

Again, it is important to talk about these things with your veterinarian before trying them out. Like any new substance, it’s better to start off slowly.

Once your vet has given you the green light, begin by giving a small dose to your animal. 1mg per 10lbs is typically a good place to start. CBD is extremely non-toxic but it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on your pet for a few hours after testing out this small dose to be sure they don’t have any non-typical reaction.

It’s also important to be responsible when deciding to give CBD oil to your pet and make sure you’re giving it for the right reasons. If you own an animal that is naturally hyper and high energy and you’re only giving it CBD to hope it calms down, you aren’t doing it for the right reasons.

CBD can be beneficial to a pet with serious illness or anxiety but this substance isn’t something to give out unnecessarily.

The Bottom Line About CBD

Now that you know the potential benefits CBD oil for pets may have, you can begin to make a decision about if this is right for your animal. Always consult with your vet before introducing any type of medicine, natural or not, to your furry friend.

As CBD continues to grow in popularity among pet owners, scientists will continue to do more and more studies to provide facts about how this extract effects animals.

Keep an eye out for these studies if you still have questions and concerns about giving CBD to your pet. For more health-related information, check out our blog!

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