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Here Are the First Steps You Should Take When You Get a Brand New Phone 

Here Are the First Steps You Should Take When You Get a Brand New Phone
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Getting a new phone is always an exciting experience, but it comes with some challenges. Here’s what to do when you get a new phone.

What feels better than pulling off the protective plastic from a brand new tech screen? Nothing.

But turning on a phone and seeing a completely blank canvas of a home screen can be overwhelming. To help get you started, we’ve put together a fool-proof list of what to do when you get a new phone.

What to Do When You Get a New Phone

If you didn’t plan ahead and back up all your data before getting a new phone, have no fear. Here are the most important things you’ll want to do once you’ve got your new device.

Sync Your Contacts

Adding each individual person’s name and phone number to your phone all over again is a huge hassle. Save the time and energy by choosing to sync contacts instead of adding them manually.

Plus, syncing contacts will save you a big hassle the next time you purchase a new device or log on to a borrowed one. You can also sync your contacts to apps you’re using regularly, which is a great way to keep all your contact information readily available.

Organize Your Apps

A new phone is a great opportunity to completely reorganize your most used device. Re-download all your most-used apps, and skip downloading the ones that just took up space on your old phone. Why bring the old clutter into the new setup?

Then decide how you can best organize the apps. Some people like every app to stand alone, even if it means having several pages to swipe through. You can organize that way by putting them in order of most to least used apps.

Other people like having all their apps on one home page, separated into folders. Most people organize folders by the types of apps, like games, social media, and their apps for business.

Or, you can organize your folders by the colors of your apps. For example, when you want to open Twitter or Safari, your eyes look for blue on the screen. Keeping all your blue apps together might actually make it faster for you to find them, and it adds a unique visual appeal to your home screen.

Protect Your Phone

Invest in a phone case and screen protector right away. It might take away from the clean aesthetic of the naked phone, but trust us: Scratches and shattered screens look way worse.

You should also look into protection plans from your phone carrier in case of any accidents. Not all protection plans are created equally, though. Consider plans that have you covered even if your phone gets lost or damaged by water.

Make It Your Own

Sometimes it seems like our phones are our whole lives. So it might take you some time to figure out what to do when you get a new phone, and the best way to make your phone meet your needs. Play around with settings until you get everything just right!

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