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How to Watch Your Favorite Basketball Game With Friends or Family 

How to Watch Your Favorite Basketball Game With Friends or Family

Basketball is an exciting, high-stakes game with many backs and forth possessions. No matter how you watch basketball whether it’s with your family or friends it’s always more exhilarating when you play with or against the NBA odds. If you place your bets wisely, you could be lucky enough to find yourself with a big cashout at the end of the night.  

Watch on Live Cable Television

Live television is the easiest way to watch your favorite basketball game with family or friends. If you have a cable package, you can watch the live NBA game with friends and family on ABC or TNT. If you’re interested in placing bets on one of your favorite teams or matchups, head on over to BetUS today to see the latest odds. You will gain access to picks and predictions based on a professional outlook. 

With live wagering and payouts in 3-5 business days, you can make your bets about your favorite team that’s about to play in the NBA and see if you win or not. 

Use a Video Streaming Service

Especially during the time of the NBA playoffs, you can stream this event using Paramount Plus or Sling TV. 

The lowest-priced Paramount Plus package is $9.99 per month plus tax. Some SlingTV packages start at $35 each month. These are great rates to get you watching the NBA playoffs without breaking the bank. 

If you prefer college basketball, you can watch it using the Disney Plus with ESPN+ package. Unfortunately, the NBA March Madness is not going to be streaming on ESPN+ for 2022. 

Check your video streaming service to see if it streams the NBA playoffs. 

Find New and Old Basketball Games On YouTube

Sometimes if you’re lucky, you can find your favorite basketball game on YouTube. You may want to relive that awe-inspiring moment when Lebron James made that 3-point attempt in the 2007 Eastern Conference Finals while Rasheed Wallace was on the court. 

Perhaps you want to watch again how Shaquille O’Neal played the best basketball game of his career that guided the Los Angeles Lakers through a 1999 NBA Championship. 

No matter your favorite basketball players and gameplay moments, more than likely you can find it on YouTube even if it’s just the highlights of your favorite game. 

If you have a smart television or PS4 or Xbox with the YouTube app, you can choose the game you want from YouTube postings and watch it on your television rather than using the small screen of your smartphone. 

Watch Free Classic NBA Games at NBA.Com

You can stream classic NBA games on Go to the “Watch” feature on the website. Click “NBA TV”, then find where it says “NBA Classic Games” to start watching classic matchups from the 2000s onward. 

The video clips are the entire game from start to finish and not just the highlights like some YouTube videos. 

Grab Tickets For Upcoming NBA Games

If you have been anticipating an upcoming NBA game this season, go watch the game in person rather than on your television. 

Tickets to spectate NBA live games cost $94 on average. While this is a higher one-time cost, it will be worth it to see at least one live basketball game in your lifetime!

Final Thoughts About Watching Your Favorite Basketball Games

No matter where or how you watch your favorite upcoming or past basketball games, we hope it’s a fun experience for you and your family and friends. Try your luck betting on a team for an upcoming basketball game and see what happens! 

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