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Why is Car Tuning So Popular Today? 

Why is Car Tuning So Popular Today?

Car tuning makes the car look good on the outside and the inside while enhancing its operating performance. This is how Nascar drivers get their cars to be as fast as possible on the track. Consider your Nascar picks at the next professional race so you can see if you can win a bet. 

Aesthetic Upgrades

Making modifications to how the car looks is called aesthetic tuning. Nascar drivers and the average daily driver alike love to make aesthetic tune-ups to drive in the style how they desire. 

Aesthetic tune-ups may be:

  • Larger wheels.
  • Wings on the back of the vehicle. 
  • Aftermarket hoods. 
  • Imitation ventilation ports. 
  • Faux side scoops. 

Since aesthetic tune-ups only improve how the car looks, it does not do anything for the vehicle’s overall performance. That’s the other side of the car tuning story. 

Performance Upgrades

Body tuning enhances the car’s overall performance while driving.  Nascar professionals want their vehicles to be more aerodynamic when racing on the track. For the average daily driver, aerodynamics can come in handy for proper car handling overall. 

Body tune-ups may include:

  • Tracks on the wheels are elevated. 
  • Have the car be lower to the ground. 
  • More lightweight equipment replaces the heavy ones. 
  • New spoilers. 
  • Tuning the car to boost the drag coefficient.

A car that’s lower to the ground has a sportier and flashier look, which is why Nascar drivers regularly have this feature on their sports vehicles. You can customize your car to have this look as well when you take it to your local body shop. 

More Fuel Economy

There are various ways that you can tune your car for better fuel economy. This means that your vehicle will use gas more efficiently than usual. 

Some vehicles range from 15 mpg to 25 mpg depending on the vehicle type and model. Doing everything you can to increase your fuel economy will mean your gas will go farther and fewer trips to the gas pump. 

Tune your car to enhance its fuel economy by:

  • Getting new spark plugs. 
  • Switching out the air filter. 
  • Regularly change your oil every 5,000 miles to 7.5000. 
    • The standard norm was 3,000 miles.
  • Clean your fuel system with a fuel system cleaner. 
  • Check your tires’ air pressure regularly so that it’s to standard. 
  • Remove heavy objects that you are not using in your vehicle during a trip. 
    • Stroller. 
    • Fold-up chairs. 
    • Other items that have not made it into your home yet. 

Changing your oil regularly will help your engine to perform better and improve the fuel economy by using less gas as you drive around. 

If you do not have enough airflow via your air filter, it will use up more fuel which means you pay more at the pump. If you or your mechanic finds your air filter filthy or damaged in some way, be sure to change it to help optimize fuel economy. 

Final Thoughts on the Popularity of Car Tuning Today

Car tuning hosts many benefits from making the car look better and perform at higher standards. 

Aesthetic tune-ups make the car physically look better while body tune-ups enhance fuel economy or other performance-related vehicle functions. 

By taking the steps to improve the car’s fuel economy, you are also maintaining your car properly so that the engine can last longer. 

Transport heavy objects in your trunk only when necessary and remove them if you do not need them during your trip that day. 

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