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The Do’s and Don’ts of Running Construction Ads 

The Do’s and Don’ts of Running Construction Ads

According to the AGC, there are well over 700,000 employers in the construction industry. And as you probably well know, the industry can be highly competitive. 

One way that construction companies of any size can appeal to new clients is to use online construction Ads. The key is to understand how to utilize such as to fit with your specific needs within the industry. 

So, in this post, let’s take a look at some important factors to consider if you’re thinking about running construction Ads. The idea is to maximize the potential of such ads to make you as competitive as possible in your market. 

Paid Construction Advertising 

To real short-term impact, paid digital construction Ads are the way forward. Organic advertising takes time and effort but works well for your company’s reputation from the medium to the long term.

Google Ads is one of the best-paid advertising platforms you should consider using. After all, a huge amount of online searches are conducted through Google. However, social media platforms such as Facebook can help you develop new leads through their advertising tools.

Let’s focus on Google as an example of what you can do with paid advertising. Now, since there are a vast number of people online that use Google, you have the benefit of targeting the best type of potential clients that you wish to attract to your services. One of the ways you do this is by using carefully researched keywords and phrases to put in your Ads. 

For instance, you might be in the market for making spec homes. If this was the case, you would research keywords related to “spec homes” to put in your construction marketing campaign. Also, if you do work on this side of the construction industry, you might be interested to know: what are spec loans?

Google Ads Guide for Construction Businesses

Now we’ll get into more detail about how you can create effective and impactful Google Ads for your construction business. Follow these step-by-step tips and you should be in a much better position to boost your online presence and attract new customers.

Here is a summary of the factors to consider:

  • Keywords and phrases
  • Targeting 
  • Bidding options
  • Google’s Quality Score
  • Your Budget
  • Text advertising
  • Your landing pages 

Then, we should also mention that tracking is a very important process you must undertake to measure your progress and make any necessary changes.

Keywords and Phrases

So we’ve touched upon keywords and phrases for your construction ads. The reason why these are so important is that they are part of the information that Google uses to present your Ad.

If you’re keywords and phrases do not fit within what people are searching for, as well as represent your business accurately, then you’ll run into problems. An excellent tool that can help you find the right keywords and phrases is Semrush. Or can use Google’s inbuilt keyword tools.


Targeting refers to what demographics you want to see your Ad. There are many options you can select when trying to attract new customer’s to your services. Thus, it’s a good idea to do some research about who is your target audience before you start targeting your Ads.

For instance, you may conduct a survey with current customers to learn key demographics such as age, income range, gender, and location. Then, when you have this info, you can apply it to your construction business marketing.

Bidding Options

Bidding with Google Ads is how much you agree to pay when someone clicks your ad. And if you didn’t know, Google Ads works on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis.

With Google Ads you can attach different bid amounts to various keywords, depending on how much you value them. So if you feel you have one highly relevant keyword, you might allow for the highest bid amount for that word.

Google’s Quality Score

Google will award you a Quality Score. This is a score related to the relevance of the keywords in your Ad and the content on your website compared to what you offer as a business.

Basically, the more relevant your ads and website are, the better Quality Score you can attain. And, the better your score, the more chance you’ll end up higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Setting a Budget

Before you venture out into the world of construction marketing, you need to consider a realistic budget for what you want to achieve. One excellent thing about Google Ads is that you have loads of flexibility with your budget. This means you can change your strategy at any time and your budget amount. 

Believe it or not, some companies might be spending $100,000 on their Google Ads and social media ads combined. But whatever your budget, the main idea is that you want to get a solid return on investment (ROI).

Text Advertising

One thing you have to remember with Google Ads is they are text-only ads. This is because they pop up in Google SERPs which, for the most part, don’t give many visual results.

Thus, make sure your message is clear and make sure you utilize all the characters you can with your Google Ads. Also, try to write something that differs you from the competition that will show up next to you in the SERPs.

The Importance of Landing Pages

Once someone decides to click on your ad, where are you going to send them next? Well, you send them to a landing page, and it needs to continue on the message that you’ve already given to the user in your construction ad. 

So, put time and effort into making landing pages that continue the narrative that attracted the potential customer in the first place. And call to action is super-important at this stage!

Make Your Construction Ads Stand Out

Once you’ve run through all the essential ingredients of making construction ads, the last thing you need to do is think about how they can stand out more. The are various ways you can do this, so do your research and get creative!

Thanks for reading through this post; we hope it’s useful for your business. Also, please consider checking out some other helpful reads on our website.

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