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Decluttering Your Life: How to Get Rid of Junk 

Decluttering Your Life: How to Get Rid of Junk
Declutter Your Life

Why does it seem like the clutter keeps piling up no matter how often you clean it up? That’s easy. No really, that’s the answer: it’s easy.

The clutter keeps piling up because it’s easy to let it happen. All you have to do is nothing. Then, the clutter piles up all by itself. 

The part that isn’t easy is getting it all organized. Fortunately, we’ll help you with that part.

Decluttering your life is as simple as following the steps listed in this guide. Try these tips to get organized.

Figure Out the Root Cause

Okay, when we said that clutter piles up by itself, that was a slight oversimplification. Technically you’re doing something to get the clutter from Point A to Point B, Point B being that pile on your kitchen counter.

Actually, it’s usually several “somethings,” or rather, habits. Here’s what these habits might look like in your house.


Your kids come home with backpacks full of papers from your teacher.

You put them on the counter to go through them later. “Later” never comes because it’s not specifically a real thing. So the papers keep piling up.


You have a blender, but you got two more for Christmas. But you never know when your blender(s) might break. So you keep all the blenders.

Recycling’s good, right? So you’d better save those ruined shoes, that empty box, those cardboard tubes from spent toilet paper rolls. You could possibly use them for a craft.

You never know what might come in handy someday. You’d better keep those old clothes you never wear (but might), that broken picture frame (you might fix), those 10,000 half-used pencils.

The best way to change this is to change your standards about what you throw out. Keep what’s sentimental and ax the rest. 

Pile up what you don’t need and call a local waste disposal company like to come and pick it up. Or you can donate unwanted items.

Proactive Hoarding

Some people even buy new things just to hoard them! They have two blenders, but they buy a third, just in case.

Alternatively, they may not want to buy a third blender. But they have so much clutter, they can’t find the two blenders they know they have, somewhere. So they buy a third one (which, of course, gets lost beneath a pile of who-knows-what).

Conceding Defeat

There’s just too much. The piles are now mountains and you haven’t seen a flat, horizontal surface in your home in two years.

You sit down in defeat and exclaim, “I give up! You win, clutter.” You resolve that the clutter is simply part of your life now and you get used to it.

The answer to this, of course, it to go back and address the root causes of the clutter as we said. Then, clean a little bit up each day. 

Now, the specifics of your cluttering habits may be slightly different. Regardless, find out how the clutter keeps hiding every countertop in your house. Then make a change.

Too Much Stress

Aside from the stress of too much clutter, are you overstressed in general? It’s hard to take on the overwhelming task of decluttering when so many other things are stressing you out.

Before you declutter, see if you can destress. Then you’ll have energy to tackle the clutter problem.

Decluttering Your Life

The bottom line is to form healthy, organized habits. Then, instead of automatic cluttering, decluttering your life becomes automatic. Remember this list, form the habits, and say goodbye to clutter.

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