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Four Things To Do Every Day For Your Mental Health 

Four Things To Do Every Day For Your Mental Health

Coronavirus has really taken a toll on our mental health. It is hard to stay mentally healthy while locked up inside your house. No gym, no school, no work? Boy, oh boy, working from home while your children (if you have any) are at home too, can be really difficult to cope with. 

With bills and rent to pay and no source of income for many, it is hard to stay sane. The way most of us are coping with stress and anxiety is by stuffing our mouths with lots and lots of junk food and binge-watching shows on Netflix. The extra pounds that we are gaining by doing this are additional factors to all the stress. But who is to be blamed? As we can’t even blame nature for blessing us with the virus.

It is challenging to handle all the situations altogether, but not to worry. In this article, today, we will be discussing four things to do every day for your mental health

Let’s begin!


Sleep plays an important role when it comes to our mental health and mood. Lack of sleep can result in mood swings, irritation, and anger. Now would you want to yell at your family members for nothing? Of course not. No one wants to get angry with their family members, especially their kids, and that too for no reason at all. Therefore, get that sleep, sleeping beauty. 

Furthermore, try establishing a proper sleep schedule for yourself. Try going to bed at the same time every day. For example, if you decide to go to bed at 10 pm, repeat the same tomorrow. Consistency is the key to achieving your goal. And our goal here is to achieve good mental health.

Moreover, switch off your mobile phones and put your tablet/laptop aside. The lights from your electronic devices or any other source can disturb your sleep. Even the light gleaming in from the street light outside can disrupt your sleep. Disturbed sleep is no good. The quality of sleep is far more important than the quantity. Disturbed sleep can result in dark circles and an irritated mood. In addition to that, try and sleep for 7-9 hours a day every night. That is too in a row and not in gaps.

Furthermore, try to keep your room cold. Human bodies sleep better in cold and dark environments, especially women. Women going through menopause or their period can expect a rise in their body temperature. Therefore a cold room is the best one to sleep in. 


Exercise should be a part of everyone’s daily routine. 20-30 minutes of exercise every day can bring massive changes in our lives. When we workout, our body releases a chemical called endorphins in our brain (the chemical responsible for the energy-boosting and feeling of happiness). Therefore, exercising regularly can bring huge changes in our lives(positive changes). Exercising will relieve your anxiety instantly, on the spot. However, you will start noticing the changes when you make it a part of your daily routine.

If you are one of those who enjoy exercising after they are done with their tasks, then give up that habit immediately. Doing that can exhaust you, which will eventually take a toll on your mental health. Furthermore, doing that can result in anger issues, mood swings, and irritation. 

These times are tough, and we can’t make it to the gym, but the good news is that you can work out at home too. Just choose a room which is suitable for exercising and start. Furthermore, if you are afraid of body aches afterward, try CBD tinctures or CBD vape juice for body pains.


Aromatherapy is a famous technique used worldwide. You must have noticed diffusers in offices and spas. The refreshing smell makes us feel better instantly. You might also be getting the impression that you might need to go to a spa for this; however, you do not. You can by yourself a diffuser and add the essential oils of your choice to it and enjoy its calming effects. Your whole house can enjoy the effects, even the kids, as it’s not harmful at all.


Lavender essential oil is used worldwide by people for its calming effects. It is highly beneficial for stress and anxiety. The benefits are as good as the color itself. Also, the fun part is that it is available in various forms for us to enjoy its effects.

Lavender essential oils are easily available in the market. You can buy lavender oil and rub it directly on your body for its effects and add the oil to your bath or buy products that already contain lavender. You can put a few drops in the diffuser and sprinkle a few drops on your pillow before going to bed. Furthermore, You can also consume it orally.

Although be careful when using lavender. Lavender contains sedative effects. Refrain from taking it together with other products that have sedative effects. It can prove to be dangerous, especially if you plan on driving.

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