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Dating and Intimacy During the Pandemic: How to Cope 

Dating and Intimacy During the Pandemic: How to Cope

Since 2020, things have gotten pretty lonely. Many of us have lost touch with friends and family, and the dating game has been reduced to staring wistfully at attractive people on our social media feeds.

However, it’s as clear as day that humans are social beings and we weren’t ever meant to live like that. We need interaction, and more seriously, we need intimacy – it forms a crucial part of our physical and mental health. But how do we manage that when we’re barely allowed to leave our homes and when we do, we’re forced to linger two metres away from all the gorgeous people we want to talk to?

Depending on where you live, regulations in 2021 are fluctuating, but more lenient than they were at the beginning of the pandemic. However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t a little hesitant or nervous to get back out there and meet people again. Here are a few tips on how to cope.

Try Dating Apps

If you don’t feel ready to get back into sweaty clubs that are full of germs even when we’re not worrying about a deathly virus, you might want to think about easing your way into this. Putting yourself out there on dating apps will give you a great opportunity to see who and what is out there, without putting yourself at risk. You could use traditional apps like Tinder to start making new connections, or if you’re looking for something purely physical, you could try options like the MILF Sex App instead.

In this way, when you do meet up with someone, it will be on your own terms and you can avoid the crowds and discomfort that comes with meeting people the traditional way.

Follow Regulations and Suggestions

If you decide to get yourself out into the real world, try your best to do it in a risk-free way. This means that it’s best to avoid really crowded places (like clubs). For socialising and meeting people, try to opt for outdoor events and areas, sanitise your hands and make sure you’re wearing a mask.

You should also do your best to maintain social distancing with new people, even if you really click with them. If you’re thinking about getting intimate with someone new, you should discuss how best to do so safely – this includes agreeing to be in a “social bubble” together and avoid contact with other people outside of your bubble for a few weeks to make sure you’re both safe and healthy before getting physical. This might make things slow, awkward and slightly uncomfortable at first, but it is a safe and responsible way to handle things. If you and the person really like one another, it will be worth the time and effort.

Work With Boundaries

Setting personal boundaries during this time is incredibly important – when it comes to dating and any other social interaction you might be partaking in. Before you throw yourself into the dating pool, take some time to think about what you’re comfortable with (and not) in terms of physical contact and interaction. Set those boundaries and make sure you stick to them; don’t let anyone manipulate or guilt-trip you into doing things that might jeopardise your safety.

In the same vein, you need to be sure to be respectful of other boundaries as well. Recognise that others might be different from your own and that you need to adhere to what makes your partners, friends and family comfortable too.

Don’t Be Too Intense

After all the loneliness and isolation we’ve faced over the past months, it’s easy to feel desperate for anything and anyone to fulfil our physical and emotional needs. Dating, relationships and even just flings or one night stands can feel far more intense than they might have under normal circumstances, but try not to let that go to your head or heart.

While you definitely might have found “the one” during this pandemic, remember to keep your head on straight and not let the loneliness trick you into thinking that someone is better than they truly are. Remember your pre-pandemic standards and preferences and remember to stick with them and not settle for less than you deserve just because it’s been a while since you were intimate with someone. Keep things moving at a slow and steady pace when you meet someone new. No matter what’s going on in the world, you deserve someone who will truly woo you!

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