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Keeping Fido Cheery: How to Tell If Your Dog Is Happy 

Keeping Fido Cheery: How to Tell If Your Dog Is Happy

Most people strive to make their dogs happy.

Many joke and say they see the corners of their mouths turn up, as if they were humans smiling.

Well, what if there were ways to tell if your pet is actually content? These are several ways on how to tell if your dog is happy or things you can do to make them happier. 

How to Tell If Your Dog Is Happy

Dogs are said to have the emotional range of a two to three-year-old and experience emotions similar to humans.

Generally speaking, happy dogs tend to be relaxed. They have a relaxed stance and wag their tail so that their body slightly sways.

Their ears are not pulled back, but instead, are pointed or laying down in their natural state.

Rolling over and showing you their belly is another sign that they’re relaxed and happy.

Playful dogs are another sign that they’re happy. If they’re willing and wanting to play with you, then you’re doing it right.

Dogs that aren’t destructive are generally happy. Those that are destructive are acting out.

A dog who greets you at the door excitedly is one of the purest examples of a happy dog.

Dogs are much like humans and strive for skin contact just as much as we strive for human contact.

How to Make Them Happy?

If your dog isn’t showing any of these signs, then you might want to take a different approach and ask yourself if you’re doing everything you can for your dog.

Making sure your dog has shelter and a safe place that’s their own is a great start.

Making sure your dog is getting enough food and water is key.

Are you taking your dog to the vet routinely? If so, are you making sure you’re taking care of any of their medical issues?

Many owners have turned to using CBD dog treats as a holistic way of treating their dog’s medical issues.

Playing with your dog daily and ensuring they get enough exercise can change how your pet acts. However, make sure not to overexert your dog.

Dogs that are actively interested in playing, walking, or going somewhere with you is another great sign. On the other hand, if they show no interest, there could be an underlying issue you might need to worry about.

Happy Dog, Happy Life

These are all just a few ways on how to tell if your dog is happy. Your dog can be just as emotional as any normal human. So it makes complete sense that many owners treat them as if they really are.

A dog really is man’s best friend.

They’ve been documented saving their lives and providing emotional support. They’ve been known for providing protection to those in danger and even being trained to detect health issues.

Dogs deserve to be made just as happy as they make us in our daily life and these are just a few ways to make that happen.

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