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Careers in CAD: Where Can a CAD Certification Take You? 

Careers in CAD: Where Can a CAD Certification Take You?

There are almost 8,000 people in the US who have careers in CAD, or computer-aided design. If you want to join their ranks, start by getting CAD certification.

The question is, what can you do next? What types of careers are there in CAD that you can consider?

CAD is useful in a wide variety of industries, which means that every CAD expert is bound to find their dream job. To get a taste of what you’re in for, we’re going to talk about some of the most popular and lucrative jobs in CAD today.

Read on to find out what your future may hold after you get your CAD certification.

Urban Planning

Urban planners are integral to the development of new housing, parks, infrastructure, or commercial spaces. They can work in either the private or public sector. CAD tracing is an additional skill that can land you higher-paying jobs in urban planning and other design careers.

Project Engineering

If engineering is in your wheelhouse, CAD certification can help you to get a career in project engineering. As a project engineer, you will plan the activities of an engineering department while setting objectives and managing a team. You may also need to review project proposals from other team members to determine whether or not they are feasible.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is all about designing new products, technology, and systems and CAD is now a leading tool in this field. With CAD, you can apply your knowledge and design skills to a wide variety of engineering work. You may also work with people like project engineers to review proposals or communicate design plans to clients or vendors.


People often mistake computer-aided design with run-of-the-mill blueprints. This is, in part, because CAD often takes the place of older blueprinting methods. As an architect, you will use CAD to design and plan the implementation of specific architectural projects and developments.

Interior Designer

So far, many of the careers in CAD that we’ve listed require a great deal of education and scientific or technical skills. However, CAD is also useful in the more creative fields that don’t always require as big of an investment. You can use CAD to develop an interior design firm or practice, testing the feasibility of a new renovation or design plan before putting it into action.

Which Careers in CAD Inspire You?

Computer-aided design is a growing field and we’re seeing CAD being used in more and more industries. These careers in CAD are only a small sample of the options that are available to you after getting CAD certification. Which career path will you take as a CAD drafter or designer?

Looking for more job advice or career opportunities? Take a look around as we discuss the latest business trends and industry changes that could impact the job market. Staying on top of the latest happenings will make it easier for you to land your dream job.

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