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Staying Safer: 8 of the Best Home Security Tips 

Staying Safer: 8 of the Best Home Security Tips
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Your home is your safe place. It’s the place where you can be yourself and let go of any stress or anxiety the outside world placed on you. Nothing is more relaxing than coming home after a long day and being able to rest unless your home isn’t as secure as you’d like it to be. 

No one should feel unsafe in their own home. That’s why this guide list several of the best home security tips you should know about. If any of these are new to you, then be sure to make the changes to your home today to start feeling safer. 

Continue reading below to discover the home security safety tips you should have in place.

1. Updated Locks on Doors and Windows

What type of locks do your exterior doors currently have? Are the old and outdated or worn? Can someone easily force their way in by picking the lock or manipulating it in other ways? 

Inspect the locks on all doors and windows and then make updates where needed. All windows and doors should have working durable locks on them at all times. You also need to be sure to keep them locked when not in use. 

Before bed each night, make it a routine to do a walkthrough of your home, ensuring all doors and windows are locked properly. 

2. Driveway Alarms and Motion Detectors 

By installing driveway alarms and motion detectors in your yard, you’ll know each time someone pulls into your driveway. Even if they enter without a vehicle, motion detectors can still detect movement and alert you. The alarms won’t get set off by small animals and you can even place them a bit higher to avoid dogs setting them off.

Once the alarm sounds, it’ll alert you with the alarm sound of your choice. You can take a look at a few different alarm options and select the one that’s best suited for your home. 

3. Home Alarm System and Cameras

Driveway alarms will alert you when someone enters your yard or driveway, but you need a home alarm and security system to alert you when someone enters or tries to enter your home. There are many home security systems available. Take your time and research a few of them. 

Look up reviews and talk to your friends or neighbors to see what type of security system they’re using. Monitors should be placed on all doors and windows to alert you if any of them are opened. You should also install cameras on the outside of your home that’ll record any motion detected. 

Placing cameras inside the house isn’t a bad idea either. If a criminal were to get past the exterior cameras, they then will have to avoid the interior ones, which will be much harder to spot. 

4. Motion Sensor Lights Outside

Aside from your cameras outside, you should have motion sensor lights outside too. You can place your exterior lights on a timer to have them shut off at a certain time, but come back on when motion is detected. You want to make sure you place the lights in all the right spots as well. 

You don’t want to give criminals any place to hide. You should have lights pointed towards all doors and ones that’ll point towards the windows. If you see any area in your yard that could be a great hiding place, then make sure you have a light that’ll shine in that area when triggered as well. 

5. Backup Solutions for Easy Access Points

Some points of entry on your home are easier to get into than others. If you have any easy access points, be sure to have backup solutions for them. For example, any doors or windows that slide open can easily be removed from the track and broken into. 

Sliding glass doors are normally the easiest access point for a criminal. If you have either of these, then place wooden beams or sliding stoppers in the tracks. This will prevent the criminal from being able to get through without having to break the glass. 

6. Friendly Neighbors as Watchouts

If you have neighbors nearby, then it’s a good idea to make friends with them. You don’t have to walk a pie over each weekend, but you should be friendly enough with one another to look out for each other’s property. Your neighbors might spot something you don’t.

You should also have them collect your mail while away. Once mail begins to pile up, criminals will recognize this as a sign you’re not home. It’s best to have someone pick up your mail for you and check on the house regularly while you’re away. 

7. Trimmed and Well-Maintained Landscape

Any hedges or bushes surrounding your home should be trimmed and well-maintained at all times. If you allow your landscaping to get out of control, then you’re giving criminals more hiding places. Keep all landscaping trimmed and be sure to place security motion lights around the bushes as well.

If a criminal were to try to hide inside your landscaping, then a light sensor will detect the motion and shine a light right on them. 

8. Secured and Shut Garage Door 

Homeowners with garage doors should spend extra time ensuring the garage is secure. The first word of advice to follow is to keep your garage door shut when not in use. If you’re leaving for the day or going to bed at night, be sure to shut it and lock it. 

You can install a manual lock on the door for when you’ll be out of town. It’s also a great idea to use garage door automation, which you can control from your smartphone. This allows you to open, close, lock, and monitor your garage door from anywhere. 

Follow The Best Home Security Tips and Stay Safe

Your home is your sanctuary. Prevent feeling vulnerable in your own home by following the best home security tips listed above. Keep all doors and windows shut and locked, get to know your neighbors, and install a few home security features for the safest home.

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