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5 Key Benefits of Medical Marijuana 

5 Key Benefits of Medical Marijuana

More than 237 million people living in United States territories used medical marijuana in 2019.

Since then, more states have legalized medical and recreational use, making it as easy to get as alcohol.

Unlike alcohol though, medical marijuana has many benefits and can improve someone’s life and wellbeing.

Continue reading to gain health knowledge of medical marijuana and all of its benefits!

1. Reduces Anxiety and Depression

People with anxiety and/or depression that are looking for a better quality of life should consider using medical marijuana.

A study on medical marijuana in 2014 showed that more than 60% of people had a decrease in anxiety while using cannabis. They also reported better sleep, which insomnia is a common side effect of anxiety and depression!

Marijuana plays a role in cognition, emotions, and behaviors. Its natural chemical makeup can help regulate these and keep you functioning at your best.

2. Decrease Inflammation

One of the largest medical marijuana benefits is that it helps decrease inflammation.

If you deal with inflammation and don’t want to keep taking pills, medical marijuana can help you. The chemical compounds in cannabis help people suffering from arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis.

The great thing about marijuana is that it can even help prevent and treat internal inflammation. If you are looking to get pain relief from inflammation, can help you out!

3. Better Breathing

If you want to improve how your lung’s function, smoking marijuana might not be the solution you expected.

Medical marijuana, unlike tobacco, ends up helping the lungs though! The marijuana works much like an expectorant, which helps thin mucous and decreases inflammation.

This is good news if you suffer from year-round allergies or have a chronic breathing issue.

4. Control Seizures

Did you know that medical marijuana has made a drastic impact on those suffering from seizures?

Medical marijuana has been proven to help both children and adults with seizures and reducing the frequency of them. Many people recommend using marijuana if you have epilepsy or Dravet’s syndrome. The terpenes found in cannabis have anticonvulsant properties, which are beneficial during seizures.

Talk to your doctor and identify your local laws to see if medical marijuana can help reduce your seizures!

5. Assists in Weight Loss

For anyone looking for a natural solution to losing weight, medical marijuana might be the answer.

Although munchies are a real thing, and people expect smokers to gain weight because of them, marijuana actually helps keep you slim. Not only do people that regularly use this form of treatment stay at a healthier weight, but they also tend to live healthier lives in general!

Keep in mind that not all people have the same body or metabolism. There are, of course, people that smoke who are overweight. Focus on your diet if you decide this is the solution for you.

What’s Your Health Knowledge of Medical Marijuana?

There are many benefits of using medical marijuana that you should consider.

Marijuana is a natural healer that has proven to help those with epilepsy, depression, and arthritis. This could be the natural alternative that you have been searching for.

Talk to your doctor and look up local laws to see if this is an option for you.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about medical marijuana and gain health knowledge today!

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