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How Ricoh Technology Is Helping Shape the Healthcare Industry 

How Ricoh Technology Is Helping Shape the Healthcare Industry

Advanced imaging technology for recordkeeping is essential in the healthcare industry. From a medical document scanner to laser projectors with DICOM-SIM mode for projecting medical images, find out how an innovative company is advancing industry standards and helping to shape the future of healthcare.

Self-ID Verification

Caora is an all-in-one identity verification device that care providers can use to promote security. The imaging features of this system include face matching powered by artificial intelligence and liveness detection for real-time authentication. This device is a gamechanger for managing provider access and checking patient identification.

A Self-ID device with patented W-Scan technology can scan and process identification cards with integrated circuit chips, machine-readable zones or two-dimensional barcodes. The contactless system features near field communication technology to allow for sanitary operation. Care providers can integrate a device that processes but does not store sensitive personal or protected health information with legacy electronic medical records systems.

Collaborate Across Organizations

Imaging technology also plays a key role in facilitating collaboration. Using a medical office or classroom scanner to capture and distribute documents has the potential to streamline referrals or other inter-office communication as well as training workflows. A full line of imaging devices can connect to computers, enable users to set up scanning jobs from mobile devices or even offer secure standalone functionality. 

Stakeholders can set up scanners on medical networks to comply with any relevant data privacy regulations. Cloud capture systems and scanning technology that integrate with existing information technology architecture and security frameworks can promote collaboration while maintaining regulatory compliance. Limiting access is essential during any collaborations that involve sharing protected health information.

Compliant Imaging Solutions

Care providers often have a wide range of imaging needs. A company that specializes in developing display, printing and scanning devices and services offers comprehensive solutions that meet rigorous standards for accuracy and security. Implementation guidance can help to ensure that any devices or systems a care provider purchases and implements are up to date with current standards.

This imaging technology also has market-leading performance specifications for maximum accuracy and precision. Scanners in care environments can be set up to allow for the secure capture, processing and storage of medical records. Standards for visual accuracy of scans, printed documents, projected images or on-screen displays are high enough to support accurate diagnoses and the development of treatment plans.

Reliable Devices and Systems

High-resolution scanners and laser projectors are two examples of reliable imaging devices with medical applications. Scanners can quickly process large volumes of documents and generate captures that systems can interpret using optical character recognition. Compact and high-end laser projectors have high lumen ratings for unmatched image quality and support DICOM-SIM mode for medical imagery. Topre keyboards can make the process of manually entering data more precise and comfortable.

Medical administrators and care providers stand to benefit from using cutting edge imaging technology. Whether a care provider is considering devices for printing, scanning or displaying records, a company that specializes in imaging technology can offer the best solutions for any use case.

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