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5 Different Types of Insurance You Never Knew You Needed 

5 Different Types of Insurance You Never Knew You Needed

Everyone’s heard of auto insurance, home insurance, and life insurance. Often, people think that that is the total amount of coverage that they need. There are, however, plenty of other aspects of your life you should think about getting insured to cover. 

But what other kinds of insurance are there?

In this article, we’ll discuss several different types of insurance and why you need it. 

1. Flood Insurance 

Getting insured for flood damage is a bit of a no-brainer if you live in an area that is prone to flooding. Flood plains exist near large rivers. These can often swell and put homes underwater. 

Before you buy flood insurance, make sure you understand the circumstances it’ll payout for. 

2. Pet Insurance 

If you have a pet, the last thing you’ll want is your beloved animal getting sick or injured. Unfortunately, illnesses do affect animals and you’ll need the best care possible when your pet is sick. To avoid having to pay out-of-pocket vet bills, you should take out pet insurance. 

Pet insurance covers things like prescription medication, operations, lab tests, and consultations with your vet. Having pet insurance could mean the difference between life and death when your pet gets sick. 

3. Cell Phone Insurance

It’s always annoying when a salesperson tries to offer you cell phone insurance when you’re taking out a new contract. In fact, it almost becomes automatic to turn it down. 

However, with the average premium smartphone costing well in excess of $1,000, it’s important to protect your cell phone. 

Cell phone insurance will cover you if your phone gets lost or stolen. It’ll also help cover any bills that get run up in your name. In addition to this, your cell phone insurance will cover your phone should it get damaged or stop working. 

4. Sports Insurance

Do you play any sports? You’ll probably know that there is always going to be a risk of injury in whatever sport you play. Whether that’s a twist or a sprain right through to a broken limb. 

Getting covered for playing sports will mean that you will be able to claim any loss of earnings due to injury. You don’t even need to be a professional sportsperson to hold sports insurance. 

5. Renter’s Insurance 

Home insurance is not just for homeowners. If you rent a property, you should give serious consideration to taking out renter’s insurance. 

Renter’s insurance covers all of your possessions for damage, fire, or for if your home gets broken into.

Different Types of Insurance

There are lots of different types of insurance out there. It’s important that you get covered for every aspect of your life. This will help you out should you ever need to spend any money in the case of a life disaster. 

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