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9 Health-Boosting Benefits of Regularly Smoking Good Cannabis 

9 Health-Boosting Benefits of Regularly Smoking Good Cannabis

The world is rapidly becoming a more 420 friendly place, and that is not just because people like to have fun. Slowly, we are starting to understand the benefits of smoking cannabis

Did you know that almost 160 million people across the world admit to using cannabis? 

They extend way beyond merely offering a mind-altering escape, and in the coming paragraphs, we are going to look at some of the best reasons why good cannabis is good for your health. 

1. Can Help Slow Down Cancer

 It has been shown during trials that CBD – one of the core compounds that can be extracted from cannabis – can be helpful in slowing the growth rate of certain cancers. 

Not to be confused with a cure, when thinking of reasons to smoke weed, its natural cancer-fighting properties are certainly going to be a great one. 

2. Good Cannabis Can Help Treat Glaucoma 

It’s one of the classic health benefits of smoking, but it is that way for a reason. Glaucoma is a condition that sees the pressure inside the eyeball increase. This results in pressure squashing the optic nerve and can lead to blindness. 

One of the reasons to smoke weed now is that it can reduce the pressure in your eyes and lower pressure on the optic nerve, helping to hold off blindness. 

3. Good Control Measure For Epilepsy

THC works by binding to receptors in the brain, and this includes the brain cells responsible for both relaxation and excitability. This results in a significant reduction in epileptic seizures.

For those that suffer from epilepsy, there is no better answer to why you should smoke weed than for its ability to treat a serious health condition. 

4. Arthritic Pain Relief

Pain receptors in the brain are effective at bonding with cannabinoids. This means that when you smoke some real good weed, your brain is going to bond with the different cannabinoids released – namely THC and CBD – and thus become less receptive to the pain signals. 

For those suffering from arthritis, this comes at a great relief and can allow them to lead a more active and normal lifestyle. 

5. Cannabis Reduces Parkinson’s Tremors

Parkinson’s disease is a horrible condition to witness someone suffer from. The tremors severely impact everyday life, and while there is medication out there for treatment, cannabis has proven itself to be a very effective means of halting even the most severe tremors. 

Further to that, many patients have even moved fully away from opiate-based pain medication after starting to use cannabis as part of their treatment. 

6. Effective For Treating Anxiety

 For those suffering from anxiety, the world can be a crippling place to live. It is a condition that can come from nowhere and can strike at any time. 

You could be having the best day when suddenly something could trigger you and you are spiraling into the abyss. This is where more health benefits of smoking weed can be found. It’s even more useful that there are marijuana delivery services out there to help those that can’t face the prospect of going out to get their meds.

7. Helps Those Suffering From PTSD

Good cannabis has been shown to be an effective medication for those that suffer from PTSD. When you smoke weed, there are a number of cannabinoids, including THC and CBD that get released into the body.

These compounds are effective at targeting and reducing the sensitivity of the parts of the brain responsible for causing both anxiety and fear in the body. 

With PTSD being a condition that can flare up any time, regularly smoking something like cannabis is a great way to be prepared for any time it may flare. 

8. Can Be Used To Eliminate Nightmares

In a similar way to how cannabis can help with anxiety and PTSD, it is also a useful tool for those that suffer from chronic nightmares. 

A night of good night sleep is vital for sustaining mental and physical wellbeing. Marijuana can cause disruption to  REM sleep and that is the prime period where dreams, and thus nightmares, are born.

There are two core strains of cannabis, Indica, and Sativa. The latter is most commonly used for treating nightmares. The Sativa benefits differ from those in Indica here because of the chemical construct of the two strains. 

9. Can Help With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The endocannabinoid system plays a large role in the way our bowels work. This system has a lot of cannabinoid receptors, and so when you smoke some really good weed, these sensors are engaged and much in the same way the receptors in the brain can be used to block out pain, the same happens in your gut. 

The result is a reduction in the severity of complaints relating to your inflammatory bowel disease. This same line of thought and treatment applies to any digestive tract complaint

There’s More To Good Cannabis Than Just Getting High

For some, the idea of smoking cannabis is just about getting high, and while there is nothing wrong with joint every now and then for the sheer pleasure of it, there is so much more to smoking good cannabis than the mind-altering effect. 

The more the world wakes up to the benefits of cannabis in both its natural and medicinal form the more of its real benefits we will discover. It could very well be the future of natural medicine. 

Of course, cannabis is also not the only natural product that offers a range of health benefits. Check out the rest of our site for more advice on everything from health and lifestyle to business and education. We have the information you are looking for. 

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