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5 Amazing Benefits of Buying Eco-Friendly Bags 

5 Amazing Benefits of Buying Eco-Friendly Bags
Eco-Friendly Bags

Buying eco-friendly bags is not just about helping the environment. Keep reading for 5 amazing benefits of buying eco-friendly bags.

Plastic waste is no laughing matter.

It’s literally everywhere. It’s clogging up oceans, drifting in the air, filtering into the eco-system and even entering human digestive systems.

Consider that the average plastic bag takes up to 1000 years to decompose. We aren’t just creating a plastic-waste problem for ourselves. We’re creating it for countless future generations too.

Something needs to be done. We have to take action at a mass scale to start turning the situation around. Changing our attitudes as a consumer is a good place to begin. Indeed, there are opportunities everywhere to cut down on our plastic consumption.

Shopping with eco-friendly bags is one of them.

But the benefits to these bags don’t stop at the environmental level. You stand to gain in other ways too. Intrigued?

Keep reading to discover the many advantages of using eco-friendly bags.

What Does Eco-Friendly Mean?

First, let’s take a look at what we actually mean by the term ‘eco-friendly’.

At its most basic, eco-friendly items do the least harm possible to the environment. Obviously, no harm at all is best!

Remember, there’s more than one way to damage the environment. The extraction of resources, manufacturing processes, actual usage, and then the disposal of the item can all be problematic. Eco-friendly products minimize the harm done in every possible way.

As we’ve already noted though, eco-friendly products (such as bags) extend their benefits to more than just the environment. It’s good news all-round. More on how, next.

5 Advantages of Eco-Friendly Bags

Now let’s turn to the reasons eco-friendly bags are so beneficial. Here are 5 of the main ones.

1. They’re Cost-Effective

Eco-friendly bags usually cost more money to both manufacture and purchase.

That can feel like an annoyance to businesses and consumers. After all, don’t we all want to cut costs wherever possible? Of course!

Eco-friendly bags can do just that. In many places, single-use plastic bags now cost money to buy from the store. Indeed, many governments are imposing a plastic tax to charge for their usage.

You save money because you aren’t buying them all the time. Furthermore, they’re flimsy and break easily as a result. By contrast, eco-friendly options are durable and hardy (more on that next). They rarely need replacing. And that saves you money longer-term.

2. They’re Stronger

There’s nothing worse than having a bag full of shopping split.

With the noise of falling shopping and your cries of despair, it inevitably causes a scene. All your freshly bought items scatter around you on the floor. Fruit and vegetables get squashed, glass jars crack, any liquid-items disperse before your eyes.

It’s never fun.

We’ve already established how plastic bags are prone to break. They’re thin, weak, and not designed for heavy loads.

Eco-friendly bags are usually designed to last a long time. After all, the idea is to minimize the number of new materials required. Reusable items mean fewer resources need sourcing. For that reason, they’re much stronger and more durable.

You save the environment and get a more practical carrier-bag in the process.

3. They Take Up Less Space

Plastic bags take up space at home.

Almost everyone has a draw or space in the kitchen or pantry for them. It’s crammed full with the hundreds of plastic bags you’ve acquired over time. And as quickly as you use them, more come along. Many of us have plastic bags falling out of our ears.

Compare that to eco-friendly bags. You usually only require one or two to cover all your shopping needs. All that’s left to do is remember to take them with you to the shops!

Pop them in the car, or store them in an obvious place, to make sure you have them when required.

4. They Offer Health Benefits

We mentioned at the start that plastic has now been found inside humans.

That’s right, micro-plastics have been recently found in stool samples from a number of people.

Plastic waste enters the eco-system. Animals eat it, and the earth and water absorb it. Humans then eat those animals, consume the water, and so on.

That’s bad news for everyone. Plastic is downright harmful. They’re full of BPA, lead and other chemicals with serious health implications. You don’t want them in your system!

In many countries, plastic waste is simply burned. Without the requisite infrastructure, there’s no other option. Think of all that toxic smoke being breathed in by hundreds and thousands of people every day.

Reusable bags mean less plastic waste, and a healthier lifestyle all around.

5. They’re Environmentally Better

This post is meant to highlight the benefits beyond just the environment.

But it’s worth re-emphasizing just how damaging traditional plastic bags are. And, conversely, just how environmentally important eco-friendly options, such as bags, or these cork products, can be.

They help to cut down on the billions of plastic bags currently being made and distributed. Fewer bags means less waste. Less waste means fewer toxic chemicals released into the atmosphere. It also means natural resources are spared and transport requirements are cut.

Less waste means less clean-up is needed. That creates nicer, healthier environments to spend time in and saves money on waste disposal processes. Oh, and eco-friendly bags are usually biodegradable, which saves on future waste too.

Time to Wrap Up

There you have it: 5 key advantages of buying eco-friendly bags.

Plastic hasn’t been around for long. But it’s become one of the greatest environmental issues of our times. Plastic products are litter almost every space conceivable on the planet. From tropical islands in forgotten corners of the ocean to the insides or animals and humans alike. You name it, plastic can be found there.

We all need to start changing our ways in order to address the issue. If we don’t, then things will only continue to get worse. Generations to come will have to deal with the (literal) mess we made.

Eco-friendly bags can make a significant difference. Hopefully, this post has convinced you of their value!

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