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7 Important Reasons Why You Should Go to Church 

7 Important Reasons Why You Should Go to Church
Go to Church

Going to church on Sunday is not just about praying. Keep reading for 7 important reasons why you should go to church.

These days, many Christians are deciding to forego church, and are instead relying on quiet prayer to bring themselves closer to God. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, it does mean that a good chunk of Christians are missing out on all of the advantages that church has to offer. 

Curious as to what these advantages are? Wondering about the advantages of going to church? 

Keep reading to find out!

1. Church Helps You Be a Part of a Community 

Human beings are pack animals. In order for us to feel comfortable and contented in life, we need to be part of a larger group. We need the love and acceptance of others. 

By going to church on a weekly basis, you make yourself part of a larger group. You provide yourself with a social and emotional base upon which you can be the best “you” possible.

Remember, mass is only one component of going to church. Other components involved with the church include potlucks, group meetings, festivals, mission trips, and a variety of other activities. 

In short, by going to church on a regular basis, you change the entire fabric of your life. You go from being a lone wolf to a cherished and respected member of your church family. 

2. Maintain Your Relationship With God 

It doesn’t take a church for one to get close with God. However, going to church regularly allows you to spend some¬†undistracted time with your lord and savior on a consistent basis.¬†

Outside of church, it’s difficult to find this time. You have a family to tend to, a career to worry about, and a number of other responsibilities which you must burden yourself with. When you put them all together, they can be quite restrictive.

The church provides you with the ideal atmosphere for prayer and worship. It allows you to put your entire soul into your worship of God and even enhances prayer by allowing it to be performed in concert with others. 

3. Volunteer Your Talents 

As was alluded to above, the church is so much more than just a prayer and worship spot. A church is a community meeting place, one which allows members to volunteer their talents and work together toward a singular mission. 

Play an instrument? Why not join the church band? 

Have a desire to help people? Join a church mission group. 

Are you a talented cook? Make something for a potluck or banquet. 

Modern churches allow their members to shine brightly, offering up plenty of opportunities for them to display their talents and showcase their individualism. If you want to be accepted and appreciated for your contributions to the world, your local church is the place to be. 

4. Make Like-Minded Friends 

Making new friends as an adult isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Not only is your time limited, but it’s also a challenge to come across individuals who have the same interests as you. That is, unless, you’re a religious person. 

The church offers religious individuals a reliable meeting place to make like-minded friends. When you meet someone at church, you can rest assured that he or she values the same things in life that you do. 

The key is in going to church regularly. The more you go to church, the more familiar you’ll become with the other members of the congregation. As you become more and more familiar with these individuals, friendships will inevitably form. 

5. Become Familiar With Scripture 

Have you been hoping to become a little more familiar with the Bible? Trying to gain a better grasp on the stories which exist within it? If so, your local church is the place to be. 

The more you go to church, the more your mind will absorb the stories of the Bible, thereby helping you to better understand those stories’ meanings, and helping you to lead a more purposeful life. 

Your pastor, preacher, reverend, or priest will essentially act as your Biblical guide, highlighting the lessons contained with the holy book and explaining how they apply to modern life. He or she will also engage in Biblical study, discussing everything from apostles’ motivations to God’s many names and more. Discover more about these names now!¬†

6. Help Others 

Feeling charitable? Hoping to spread positivity to others? If so, your local church can assist you in doing so. 

Churches are some of the most charitable organizations in the world, helping less privileged individuals in a variety of ways. By becoming a regular member of a church, you can be on the front lines of these charitable efforts. Getting involved in these church fundraising programs is a great way to meet new people and show your solidarity to your brothers and sisters around the world.

Not only can you help those in your local community, but, by traveling on mission trips to foreign countries, you can make a contribution throughout the world as well. 

7. Eat Delicious Meals 

While food certainly isn’t the centerpiece of a church, it’s most definitely an aspect. Churches hold meetings, potlucks, and banquets on a regular basis, all of which are flush with delicious food made by the various congregants. 

Though you shouldn’t take advantage of a church solely for its meal opportunities, you should be cognizant that those opportunities exist. After all, food, faith, and fellowship can combine to fuel a fun and fulfilling life. There’s no shame in salivating over a delicious meal. 

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And there they are, 7 reasons that you should go to church on a weekly basis. Going to church regularly will not only bring you closer to God, but it will also help you to build lasting and meaningful friendships. 

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