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4 Smart Questions to Ask When Buying a New Car 

4 Smart Questions to Ask When Buying a New Car

New car dealerships make up a more than $1 trillion industry in the United States. Whether you’re looking for a new car as a luxury item or a necessity to get you from Point A to Point B, it’s important that you know what to look for when buying a new car. 

This starts with knowing what to ask. The right questions will steer you toward the car of your dreams, at a price and agreement that makes sense for your life. 

Consider these questions to ask when buying a new car. 

1. How Much Is Negotiable?

If you’re figuring out what to ask when buying a new car, look no further than price details. Any new vehicle will have a sticker price, but this price is also negotiable in most situations. Ask the dealer how much they’re willing to deviate from the sticker price so that you can find the best deal. 

Go in with your lowest offer, but make sure that you’re willing to meet them in the middle if you’re given a counteroffer. 

2. What Do You Have in Stock?

Inventory should also rank high on the list of things to ask when buying a new car. Maybe you’re not ready to purchase a car today, but will be more prepared 3 months from now. Asking about inventory and when the dealership gets new vehicles in stock can prevent you from making a hasty decision. 

They may also tell you about models they have available at other locations that aren’t yet being openly advertised. 

3. What Are My Finance Options?

Figuring out the state of your finances will help you figure out what to do when buying a new car. Most people end up financing their vehicle rather than purchasing it outright with cash. Consider the price points that the dealership is offering and get an itemized list of every charge. 

From there, reach out to financial institutions that can help you get a car loan. Ask the dealership if they provide in-house financing as well, and compare and contrast their rates and terms. 

Make sure to also check with sites like to learn more about your finance options. 

4. Can You Explain the Safety Features?

Finally, consider the safety features when looking into the best questions to ask when buying a new car. You rely on your vehicle to protect you every time you get behind the wheel. Only invest in cars that have up-to-date safety features and high marks for crash ratings. 

Any dealership that you do business with should be able to walk you through the safety features, along with the industry grades the vehicle has received. 

Consider These Questions to Ask When Buying a New Car

You’ll appreciate having these questions to ask when buying a new car. Arm yourself with these points so that you approach the dealership prepared and ready to find the best deal possible. Give yourself plenty of time to shop around so that you can find the vehicle of your dreams. 

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