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4 Places in North America to Visit ASAP 

4 Places in North America to Visit ASAP

North America is home to a number of fantastic major cities, such as New York City, Toronto, Chicago, and Los Angeles. If you’re planning a tour of the region, these four hotspots might be at the top of your list. However, if you’d like to go on a trip that’s a bit outside the box, consider one of these up-and-coming gems located across the continent.

Moline, Illinois

Many travelers flock to Moline, Illinois, to check out the Niabi Zoo, a 40-acre complex that’s home to over 600 animals and 200 different species. Here, you’ll be able to journey to African, Australian, Asian, and ocean habitats to get your fill of various creatures.

Moline is also the world headquarters for John Deere, so tractor enthusiasts will love stopping by the John Deere Pavilion to get a closer look at tractor history. For a truly relaxing stay, book a Moline hotel near the Great River Trail so you can hop outside for a walk whenever you please.

Westfield, Indiana

While it’s on the smaller side, Westfield certainly has enough attractions to keep visitors entertained. Because the city of just over 37,000 is just outside of Carmel, you’ll be able to enjoy the quiet suburbia while taking advantage of some of Indiana’s finest natural amenities.

Start your trip at Grand Park Sports Campus, a 400-acre sports campus featuring a number of fields for softball, baseball, field hockey, soccer, lacrosse, and football. If you’re here for a tournament, be sure to book your Westfield hotel early so you’re nearby. Otherwise, check out the greenery of all the local Hamilton County parks or grab a drink at the Urban Vines Winery and Brewery.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

As the capital city of Manitoba, Winnipeg is far bigger than the first two cities, offering more of an urban feel for a faster-paced stay. Fans of hockey will love catching a Jets game at the Bell MTS Place arena, which is located downtown between Central Park and South Portage. Book a Winnipeg hotel here, and you’ll be able to walk home from the game as well as take advantage of what the rest of the city has to offer.

Other Winnipeg attractions include Assiniboine Park, which includes a zoo and theater, as well as The Forks, a historical shopping complex where you can grab dinner and go for a skate.

Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa also has a hockey team, and you can catch the Senators in action at the Canadian Tire Centre, which is in the southwest corner of town. However, because Ottawa is the capital of Canada, you’ll want to focus your adventures on the many monuments and historic buildings throughout the city.

Grab a glimpse of Parliament Hill, a neo-Gothic building that’s the home of Canada’s legislature. If museums are your style, check out the Canadian Museum of History to learn more about Canadian culture or the National Gallery of Canada to see some treasured artwork. Whatever is on your itinerary, book an Ottawa hotel downtown so you don’t miss any of the action.

Each of these four cities brings something unique to the table. By planning an itinerary that makes a stop in each, you’ll be able to broaden your horizon and have an experience you’ll never forget.

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