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Getting Down In Dubrovnik – 4 Reasons Why You Should Visit 

Getting Down In Dubrovnik – 4 Reasons Why You Should Visit

Croatia has cemented its reputation as one of the most en-vogue spots to visit in Europe and Dubrovnik is one of the coolest spots of all. Nestled in the Adriatic Sea and part of the Dalmatian coastline, the city is so stunning it is referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’. It’s also become something of a celebrity hotspot in recent years, with VIP guests such as Beyonce and Jay-Z to name but a few. After the year we’ve all had, we need a great vacation so check out our top reasons to visit Dubrovnik this summer. 

1. The History

If you’re a fan of history and culture, Dubrovnik is the place to be. It’s a living UNESCO World Heritage site, meaning it’s brimming with beautiful buildings, rich traditions, and the arts. Take a trip to the Franciscan Friary built in 1317, to learn about the famous pharmacy (the third oldest in the world!) and the ancient library, which houses over 70,000 rare books and priceless manuscripts.

2. The Islands

Not only is Dubrovnik absolutely dreamy, but so are the surrounding islands. Check out these yachts for rent in Dubrovnik with and plan a day visiting the stunning lands nearby. If you’re a Game Of Thrones fan then Lokrum is not to be missed. It’s home to the infamous Qarth party where Daenerys Targaryen wears that blue dress. If fantasy tales are not your thing, Daksa (also known as ‘The Island of Ghosts’ is full of history, particularly WWII. Nature-lovers must wander through the gorgeous National Park in Mljet Island – also a great place for foodies, it’s famous for its goat cheese!

3. The Old Town

The city is encased in huge stone walls, built to protect the area, with some parts dating all the way back to the middles ages. The town can be enjoyed not only by wandering through the streets but also by walking along the wall itself, offering a view over the thoroughfares from above. If you want an even better view of the Old Town, grab a ride in a cable car to the top of Srd Hill where you’ll be greeted with unrivalled panoramic views. It’s easy stay up there all day, well into the evening so set up camp at the hilltop’s restaurant where you can watch the sunset over a bottle of Croatian wine.

4. The Beaches

Any sunny city needs a beach, and Dubrovnik’s do not disappoint. The city sits right on the Dalmatian Coast so there is plenty of space to sun and swim. The most popular is Banje Beach, a winner for enjoying the golden sand and crystal blue water. It’s lined with some fantastic beach bars and restaurants so you can have your fill of traditional Croatian food and wine whilst you’re there. If you’re happy to forgo sand for some privacy, Dance Beach is a hidden gem, perfect for swimming, and tucked away from other tourists. 

Will you be hitting Dubrovnik this year? Let us know what you’ll be doing in the comments below!

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