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Which car is the one for you? Different models to consider 

Which car is the one for you? Different models to consider

If you are new to car buying or haven’t made a purchase in a while, then it can be hard to know where to begin. How do you find a car that will exactly suit your needs for years to come? All you need to do is spend a little bit of time researching what kind of car you need and how you want to buy it. Do you need a small city car? Do you need to visit the Land Rover dealer in AZ? There are lots of different options out there. Here are a few different options for you to think about.

Assessing your needs

Everyone’s right car will be different for everyone. It comes down to you and what you expect from a car. Some people like to make statements with the cars they drive and blow up their own media presence. Others like to go on spirited drives on the weekends whilst others like to go to remote parts of the countryside to relax and recharge. All of these will require different kinds of vehicles. 

However, more importantly vehicles are likely used on a day-to-day basis. You need to think about what you need your vehicle to do for your daily duties. Functionality must always trump flash and dreams. You should think about a few different things: 

How many passengers do you need to carry? What ages are they? Are you planning on having a family? If the answer to this is more than one or two then you need to think about a car with more space

What type of driving do you do usually? Is it primarily motorways, surface streets or off-road driving that you do? This again will change what kind of vehicle you require. You may need special tyres or even four-wheel drive. 

How long is your commute? If you have a long one, then it is worth thinking about the fuel that your car will require. Is it worth it to get an electric car or is the traditional diesel or petrol car better for you? This will change which model of car you can look at. 

What are your must have features? Do you need Bluetooth? Or a camera for reversing? Or even leather seats? Not all cars will have these options so you should investigate which models can fulfil all of your requirements. 

Your budget

Unless you are paying in cash for your car, you will need to think about how you are going to finance your purchase. How much can you afford to spend on a car a month. Generally, there is a rule and acceptance that you should not exceed fifteen percent of your monthly take home pay. A used car will be less expensive and will play by the same rules. If you are looking instead to lease then you should only look at ten percent of your pay. 

One thing you should think about is the extra costs of owning a car before you create your budget. You need to factor in the costs of fuel, insurance and road tax. 

Other cars

If you have your heart and mind set on a specific car then you should have a look at reviews for other comparable vehicles in the same class to make sure that you have not missed a better car or similar car that is even cheaper than the one you are looking at. You can use a car finder tool and set parameters that are important to you. This will help you look for detailed information on price, specifications and features. It will also help you contrast features and specs. 

The cost of ownership

The hidden costs of owning a car are often the ones that cost the most. Some cars may be cheaper to buy but more expensive to own them. Even if two cars are priced the same, one may depreciate in value faster or may cost more to insure and maintain.

Before you commit to a car you should research the long-term ownership costs of owning the vehicle. This can include fuel, insurance, and depreciation but needs to factor in maintenance. If you get a car that is old, the parts for it may be difficult to source which will hike up the price. 

What kind of car is right for you?

If you were buying a car a couple of decades ago then you had a small choice to make. There was a hatchback, an estate and saloons. Three different types depending on what you needed it for. Estates were used for large loads, hatchbacks were good for city drives while saloons covered everything else. 

Today the market is so wide. Crossovers and SUVs are a lot more popular than the original hatchbacks. They drive well and don’t use too much more fuel. They offer more space and a higher driving position. As well as these there are options like the city car, the supermini cars, large family cars, coupes and executive cars. 

When you are deciding what car to buy, keep in mind roughly the size and shape of the car you want. Though you should be flexible and try and broaden the size and body style you are aiming for. This will give you more options and will help you find a good deal. This applies to brands as well. 

Luxury brands will always demand luxury prices. However, other brands often have similarly made cars for much cheaper. You can avoid paying over the odds if you are willing to compromise on brand.  

Buying a car

It never gets any easier. From the first time you commit to a purchase to the fiftieth time that you are buying a car. There is so many options out there it can be hard to keep track of them all. However, all you need to do is establish what it is you actually need and what you want. From there you can keep your eyes on the prize in terms of specifications and accessories. You will be surprised at the deals that you can get when you search for what you need rather than a statement piece. 

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