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The Different Types of Construction Vehicles That Exist Today 

The Different Types of Construction Vehicles That Exist Today

Did you know that the U.S. construction industry has more than 7 million employees and generates more than a trillion dollars annually? With numbers like that, it isn’t surprising to know that advanced machinery is essential to keeping this sector moving. 

Read on to learn more about the different types of construction vehicles and what they do.

What Are the Major Types of Construction Vehicles?

Construction vehicles speed up digging, moving, excavating, and other essential tasks. Most of these machines have specific tasks and use hydraulics to facilitate their motion. 

Dump Trucks

Most major construction projects need dump trucks to haul the debris away. The most common type is the standard model with the bed connected to the truck and it dumps out the rear. Other models include beds that dump out the side or have the bed on a trailer, separate from the truck. 


Bulldozers are tractors with a large blade in the front. They are used for pushing and excavating jobs, such as leveling land, maintaining roads, and filling trenches. Depending on the terrain, you can choose from models that run on wheels or a continuous track. 


Backhoes are construction vehicles used for digging and excavating, often mounted on the back of tractors or front loaders. A bucket mounted on a two-part arm performs the work. 

Front Loaders

Front-loaders move debris in difficult terrains. They have a movable arm positioned on the front that holds a large bucket. These vehicles are also used to transport materials. 


Cranes are one of the primary vehicles for moving objects to a higher location. In cases of taller projects, like buildings, the platforms a crane sits on are extended to make it taller. 


When there is a large amount of debris that needs removal, construction sites use excavators. The control center is a cab located on a rotating platform. The movement of debris is facilitated by a bucket connected to a long arm made up of two pieces called the boom and stick. 

Concrete Mixer Trucks

These vehicles transport concrete to a construction site and mix it on location. This machine is recognizable by its rotating drum. If the construction project is smaller in scale, the team may go with a portable mixer instead. 

What Types to Use?

Not surprisingly, the type of construction equipment needed depends on the construction site and the specific work to be performed. Items like materials and building construction types can impact which machines are needed. This is where having professional input is essential. 

Understanding the Different Equipment Types

Now that you know about the different types of construction vehicles, do you feel you have a better understanding of the industry? Whether you aspire to run a project or just like heavy machinery, being knowledgeable about construction vehicles is beneficial.

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