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What Else Can You Do in Vegas Besides Gambling? 

What Else Can You Do in Vegas Besides Gambling?

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most exciting cities in the world with lots of fun activities you can never do all in one trip. However, despite topping the ranks and gaining the name “Sin City”, people come here to gamble which never ends too well for most of them. Of course, some win big but what are the chances? The house always wins right?

Luckily, there is so much more in Vegas other than gambling you can enjoy. Instead of risking all your money in casinos, take a look at the following list of pleasantries that will assure you have the best time in Vegas.

Vegas Club Tour

If you are 21 and above, this is your chance to do club hoping with class. Book yourself a VIP ride on a limo with all the essentials for a party. You can be partying while going to a club. And it’s not just one club; the ride will take you to a variety of clubs across the city where you will receive a VIP reception in every club. All the damages of the night will be covered in the tour’s package, so you won’t have to deal with cash or money related issues. Some of the most favorable hot spots you are likely to hit are;

  • Body English at the Hard Rock
  • 1OAK at the Mirage
  • The Bank at the Bellagio
  • Chateau at Paris

Vegas Live Shows

Vegas is home to one of the best shows in the US. The TV shows are nothing as compared to the feeling you get when you are an audience to the live shows in Vegas. The city has a variety of spots with shows to awe you in every scene. For instance, you can start by visiting the V Theatre and watch The Mentalist or The Ultimate Variety Show.

However, the most popular show in Vegas that’s making all the headlines in the city is the Cirque du Soleil shows performed at the Treasure Island. A specific play from the Cirque du Soleil shows that have captured the heart of Vegas is the Zumanity. The show features adult content where you will experience the sensual side of the city through patented acrobatics.

Have it all at the Stratosphere

A tour in Las Vegas is not worth your while if you don’t experience all the perquisites in the Stratosphere. In Stratosphere has plenty of fun activities for everyone – both adults and kids.

First, you can test your fear of heights by heading to the Observation Deck (a tall observation tower) and scan the city or the watch the sunset in the deserts.

Second, if you want to take your test of height to the next level, go ahead and take a ride at Stratosphere’s Insanity and have the most memorable experience of your life. The Insanity ride is 900 feet up from the ground.

Last, you can end your daring journey with the Stratosphere’s X-scream. This ride is ideal for the thrill seekers who don’t mind jolting with the headfirst at 866 feet above the edge of the Stratosphere. This is your chance to defy Newton’s law of gravity with a back and forth motion that will make you feel weightless.


Are you still convinced that there is no much you can do in Vegas apart from Gambling? This article has only highlighted a tip of the Iceberg of fun stuff you can do in Las Vegas. If you are still doubtful, please visit and score the best tickets to the best of everything in Vegas at the best price.

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