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Vehicle Branding: The Dos, Don’ts, and the Never Evers! 

Vehicle Branding: The Dos, Don’ts, and the Never Evers!

When you imagine branded vehicles, the image that more than likely crosses your mind comes from Nascar and its speeding billboards. Ever since the 1970s, racing cars have advertised for larger companies using branded or sponsored wraps.

If your goal is to promote a business near your home, you don’t need to use as much vehicle branding as a sponsored Nascar driver. However, there are still a few general guidelines you should follow when implementing your vehicle branding ideas. Here are the dos, don’ts, and “never-evers” of turning your car into a mobile advertisement for a company.

The Dos of Vehicle Branding

First, let’s discuss some of the best practices when it comes to vehicle branding. First, make sure that you customize your branded material to the dimensions of your vehicle. We’ve all seen adverts that fold or distort in unfortunate places, making them unclear or unappealing.

You should also make certain that you have the information displayed in a clear way. Remember, the goal is to draw people to your business through clever branding and marketing, not confuse them and leave them unable to contact you. However, you should still lean into the aesthetic of your business. Go for calming, floral designs for a spa vehicle, not spartan, technical ones.

The Don’ts of Business Vehicle Branding

The following vehicle branding design “don’ts” won’t necessarily destroy your business. However, they will make it more difficult for people to see what you do or get in touch with you.

Don’t overcrowd the design of your branding. The eye gets distracted easily, especially when the target is moving. Keep your vehicle branding simple so that people can read the information you present to them. In that same vein, you should use a font that’s easy to read at a glance. People won’t exactly have time to do a double-take to understand your logo when you’re on the go.

Guide to Vehicle Branding

Never Break These Vehicle Branding Guidelines

Last but not least, let’s discuss the guidelines that you should never break when getting your vehicle wrapped in branding. If you want to run a successful campaign with vehicle branding, you should never:

  • Use small fonts
  • Cheap out on the photography you use
  • Use QR codes- no one can scan them on the go
  • Leave bubbles in the branded wrap

Of course, one way to make sure these guidelines get followed is to use a professional vehicle wrap company to get the job done for you. A team of trained professionals can ensure that your branded vehicle wrap works for your car and gets applied the right way.

Looking for More Information About Branding?

Vehicle branding is a convenient way to convey information and advertisements to potential customers while you drive around town. However, there are many other ways you can get the word out about your business.

If you’d like more information about branding and marketing for your small business, then why not check out the business section of our blog? We update each day with more handy how-tos, dos and don’ts, and other articles like this one.

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