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Best Neighborhoods in Green Bay WI 

Best Neighborhoods in Green Bay WI

Did you know that Green Bay WI is known as the toilet paper capital of the world? This is due to Northern Tissue being originally from here. 

Besides being the toilet paper capital, it’s a great place to live as well. Since there are so many great neighborhoods to choose from, how do you narrow it down? 

While it might seem overwhelming, there’s hope. Read this article on the best neighborhoods to live in Green Bay WI today!


Suamico, not to be confused with Little Suamico is right in Green Bay Wisconsin. It’s also one of the highest valued neighborhoods in the area.

Within the village, you can find Flintville. It’s part of the Green Bay Metropolitan Area.

You can find plenty of boating, fishing, and the Northeast Wisconsin Zoo. Suamico has plenty of restaurants, shops, and boutiques for you to enjoy.


As you’re looking for homes for sale in the area, you might come across the Preble area. This area was once its own town. Today it’s part of Green Bay Wisconsin.

If you’re looking for an affordable town, keep Preble on your radar. To keep up with the former town, you can still find Preble High School here. 

Don’t forget to check out their past of holding the Centennial celebration in the 50s. They had dance contests, community picnics, and a parade to mark the event. 


If you’re looking for a thriving economy, then Bellevue is a great option. This area is also known for its high quality of life as well. There’s the opportunity for success, growth, and expansion. 

Bellevue believes in supporting those considering opening a business. There are plenty of new jobs to attract you to the area as well.

A smaller area population, it’s one of the best neighborhoods in Green Bay WI. Although it’s smaller, it’s actually one of the fastest-growing areas in Brown County.

Even though it’s growing, it still holds onto the small-town feel of the area. It’s a great place to play, live, and work. 

De Pere

There are 2 thriving areas of this town in Green Bay Wisconsin. Enjoy plenty of amenities, school districts, downtowns, and neighborhoods within the area. 

Check out the St. Norbert College which is on the Fox River. It’s a great place for professionals and families alike. It’s also a top-ranked Catholic liberal arts college. 

Enjoy history, the downtown, and coffee right in the area. Many head to the Luna Cafe while they’re here. 

Exploring the Best Neighborhoods in Green Bay WI

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of the best neighborhoods in Green Bay WI. Take your time looking through your different options in order to find the right one for you.

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