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5 of the Best Pieces of Small Business Software You Need 

5 of the Best Pieces of Small Business Software You Need

With trillions of dollars pouring into tech spending across the business landscape, companies small and large are becoming more sophisticated. Looking at small businesses, in particular, we’re seeing a lot of their tech spend go into software.

Is your organization invested in the best small business software available in the market? Do you have the tools you need to operate productively while also saving money on headcount thanks to the software’s automation features?

If you’re not sure and want to find out which software buys should take priority in your company, whether that is care management software in healthcare or project management software in a construction company, keep reading as our team breaks down five software categories that are worth looking at.

1. Accounting

Whether you choose to buy into BidClips if you’re a home improvement professional or want to go with a broader program if you operate in other niches, you need sales management/accounting software if you’re going to stay in business for long.

These tools do everything from house your product skews to track your P&L throughout the year.

Most accounting software exists as SaaS (software as a service) applications which means you can use them anywhere you have an internet browser!

2. Mailing/CRM

If you can’t market to or manage your customers, you’re going to have trouble finding and keeping them. Enter mailing/CRM (customer relationship management) software.

These tools allow you to create profiles on current and prospective customers. Armed with that data, you can send them custom marketing messages, track their satisfaction, craft customer support tickets for them, and more.

An example of a tool in this bucket would be Mail Chimp.

3. Appointments

If part of your business requires you to book meetings, you’ll want appointment booking software. The best tool we’ve found that provides free booking features is Calendly.

Calendly allows you to embed booking forms onto your website. From there, appointments that get booked will automatically sync with your company’s Google or Outlook calendar.

4. General Office

No best small business software article is complete without touching on general office tools. General office tools describe a suite of products that enable things like word processing, spreadsheet management, and presentation creation.

Popular software in this bucket would be Microsoft Office of G Suite’s set of tools.

5. Creative

For those of you that are in the business of building web assets or marketing collateral, you’ll need creative tools. There is no suite of creative tools more outstanding than Adobe CC.

A subscription to Adobe CC allows you access to software like Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and so much more!

The Best Small Business Software Allows You to Do Your Best Work

Software, at its best, serves as an extension of humans allowing them to be more productive. Each of the best small business software suggestions we’ve shared achieves that end.

We hope this post has gotten the wheels turning in your head regarding where you should place your next technology investment. If you’d like more guidance on small business software, check out additional content on our blog!

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