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This Is How to Best Look After a Metal Roof 

This Is How to Best Look After a Metal Roof

It might surprise you to learn that the metal roofing market share has been steadily trending upward for the past several years. An increasing number of American property owners seem to be preferring metal roofs for their homes or businesses. After all, a metal roof offers many benefits, such as higher durability and longevity.

However, metal roofs are not without their own small handful of unique drawbacks. To keep your metal roof functioning, looking good, and lasting long, there are certain key qualities to stay attentive towards.

This brief guide will break down how to best maintain and care for your metal roof.

Keeping Your Metal Roof Clean

It is recommended by industry professionals that metal roofing be cleaned at least once a year. Over time, the long-term effects of weather and debris can damage or discolor your roof, so it’s best to always keep ahead of any such problems.

To remove dirt and residue, your roof will ideally need to be cleaned with soap and a microfiber cloth. After you’ve scrubbed your roof clean, you will also need to be able to reach your roof with a hose or pressure washer in order to rinse off the soap.

Leaves, sticks, and other debris can easily become stuck in your roof’s valleys and gutters over time. To prevent clogging or potential pests, you should use a trowel to clear each gutter, drain, and valley.

Metal Roof Maintenance

Though very durable, metal always expands and contracts through various environmental conditions, which can cause roof materials like fasteners, screws, and rivets to loosen or become weathered. Panels can also separate at the seams and become dislodged as well. To maintain the integrity of your roof, it is important to make sure each piece remains snugly in its proper place.

It is no short or simple task, so it is likely best to consult a roofing company or roofing contractor to get the job done. A quality metal retrofit can also be a beneficial pre-emptive investment to minimize such damage.

Rust and Surface Damage

When cleaning and inspecting your roof, you may notice a few spots that have either acquired rust or surface scratches. For the sake of your roof’s aesthetic and longevity, it is crucial to repair both.

Scratches can be treated with mineral spirits, which can be applied with a cloth. From there, simply buff out however much of the scratch that you can, then rinse with water and allow it to dry.

For rust, try applying a gentle cleanser with a cloth, then sanding off as much of the corrosion as you can. Afterward, metal primer or a fresh repainting should sufficiently treat the spot.

Stay Safe and Leave It to the Professionals

It absolutely bears emphasizing: walking on your roof for any reason is extremely dangerous. Even if you feel completely confident in doing so, you should strongly consider hiring an experienced roofing contractor to clean or repair your metal roof instead.

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